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    Worried I have symptoms of ALS. Grandmother also had motor neurone disease. Advice/support please x

    Example of failure in my case - One day, after a long walk, I tripped when climbing stairs. This happened a few more times. I didn't feel any different in any way & just became more careful on stairs. Over the next few months, I developed left foot drop & couldn't hold the fingers on my left...
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    Is it liver?

    I've not had any liver issues.
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    2nd emg ordered

    My hands didn't shake or feel any different. My first hand symptom was inability to hold fingers together on left hand (with hand held flat) no matter how hard I tried - looked like the Mr. Spock hand gesture. ALS is motor neurons dying, then muscles wasting away - this means measurable...
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    I think what you are referring to applies to existing policies. If you already have a policy, check with your insurer. If you are looking for new insurance, I think the only thing you will be able to get are policies that don't consider existing conditions. I'd be surprised if any of these...
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    I'm a new member of this unfortunate, exclusive club

    Lots of good advice already given. I think a smaller ALS center can be as good or better than a large one. I was diagnosed & go to clinic at a large university medical center. So far, I've gotten AFOs & wheelchair prescribed from them. At clinic every 6 months, they track my progression. A...
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    Any knowledge of burning sensation at back of head followed by dramatic overnight muscle wasting throughout body weeks later then ALS symptoms.

    The previous answers are spot on. Also, I've never had a burning sensation anywhere. My first symptom was left side foot drop, and I felt just fine. If you can see atrophy/muscle loss, you should also have clinical weakness - something a doctor should easily see. If you had noticeable...
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    1 Yr of Symptoms-Pls advice

    I think if you had foot drop you would know it. Try standing/walking on your heals. If you can do this at all, you don't have foot drop.
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    Split hand sign and tongue twitching with 23 years old

    In ALS, First the nerves begin to lose function. Then muscles begin to die. When enough muscle tissue is lost, atrophy can be seen. So, by the time you can see atrophy, the EMG will see lots of nerve damage.
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    I am so scared

    -- if you tap the muscle and that triggers that fasciculations it is a sign for ALS" is this true? -- Not true for me, nor have I ever heard of this for ALS. Not sure what "most" websites you are looking at??
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    Freaked out about my symptoms

    You have many symptoms not normally seen with ALS. As others have said, the chances of you having ALS are "slim to none". But, here's my answer to your questions. Fatigue and the shakeyness/tight muscles are not things I have experienced, so I can't help with these. If by fatigue, you mean...
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    Muscle fatigue/weakness, fasciculations

    As far as I am aware, genetics testing of any kind isn't routinely done - at least not at my clinic. However, I was tested for C9ORF72 as part of a research project - negative for me. Also, at my last visit in March, they drew blood for a clinical trial/research project of sorts - to look for...
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    Forum issues after update

    The issue we discussed about a week ago has apparently resolved itself. This morning I was able to access the site using my home wifi/router. No changes were made on my end. Grounded -
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    Forum issues after update

    Just wanted to provide an update of the issue I have getting to alsforums using my Comcast home wifi since the recent site upgrade. See page 3 of this discussion. I just spent some time on the phone working with Comcast advanced support. The problem is with the router side of my Netgear C3700...
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    Forum issues after update

    Re: Forum threads not loading. I pinged as you requested. appeared for both commands, & then timed out. I messaged you my computer IP. The common failure occurs with my iPAD, phone, a laptop & a second PC - all when trying to connect thru my home wifi router. I did a...
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    Forum issues after update

    Re: Forum threads not loading. Dave - Your suggestion sounds like it could be the solution. It's about the only thing I haven't looked at. I'll see what I can do & post the results.