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  • To answer your question posed to Shiftkicker it is a function of post count. The posts that add to this number are those made in what I term the “ clinical areas”. Posts made in “ other” , the joke section etc do not contribute. I am not sure of the magic number to no longer be “ new”. I think 100
    I'm still in good enough shape that we don't need outside help yet. Care.com lists a number of local caregivers around me, though I'm not sure if any are up to working with ALS. I'd start there - hopefully you find someone who can help.
    Thank you for your link. I will look into that. No, I have never been to the Milvale meetings, as I can’t get coverage to go. Do you use a nursing agency at all? If so, who do you use. I’m thinking about changing for the rare times I get one.
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