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  • Yes! Thank you for your kind words! Let me know what I can do to help Gretchin. I'm so sorry for your Sister's diagnosis. Big Hugs to you and your sis Babe! xoxoxoxoxo
    Click on User CP right above your name in blue, the go to edit your details. Also, you arre writing messages on your own wall. Click on the persons name to write on there wall so they can see the message. I did the same thing when I first joined!! HUGS Lori
    YIKES!! How do I go back and change my location? My best friend and neighbour has parents who live in White Rock/Surrey. He is a wonderful horseman. Do you guys ride your horses? Fred is wonderful with horses you may want to get to know him, especially if your husband would still like to ride a bit.
    Hi Gretchen,
    I actually live in White Rock/South Surrey area. We have two horses permanently living in Clinton as we sold our little farm this past Spring. We had 6 horses at one time--started with a free TB off the track. If you have any questions, ask away. My husband was lucky to dodge the ALS bullet and got diagnosed with CIDP instead, but we sweated it out for 2 or 3 months when he had diff. dx of ALS. Take care and it would be a good idea to go to the user panel and remove your location. I am thinking you may be too trusting of the cyber world.
    Helen, what happens if you are an atheist and just can't believe in God? Is there anyone on this forum who could understand where I am coming from? I don't want to lose you - I care about what you are going through - but I need to find someone who doesn't believe in God. I wish, I wish I could believe in a God but I can't. There must be friends of yours who think like like me??? Would you put me in touch with them?
    No, we aren't and what we do are not coincidences... I believe that what we may think of as a coincidence is God's way of maneuvering us to be somewhere at a certain point in time... it's happened to me too many times to think that it was just luck. Now, if only I could get him to find a cure... or help me win the lottery! We may not know what our purpose is, but we do have one.
    Grew up in Ma and NH,know all bout winter,thats why we moved to SC.Have good night---Hugs Ken
    Most of write back,I am off and on all day.Not sure what happens after death,time will tell.My best memories are the blessed life I have had and I did not get this at 25.I am now 68 and lost my bride Aug 2010 and we were best best friends.At 5 I had perthese hip and did not go to school for 1st and 2ond,grade.I will vent,love life and fight this as long as I
    Dying is not easy, but inevitable. Dealing with the personal aspect of it all.
    The medical, religious, everyday effects of this or any other wind of adversity.
    A man once said while writing his book; "If I could just get rid of this tooth
    ache, I could finish my chapter on pain." I don't think anyone ever gets their
    mind wrapped around ALS. Find you balance, leaning to far to the right or left
    in your life boat will tip you over.
    Not looking for conversation, Ok, I am gone. :)

    Grechen, I give you this, your writing style is different. I welcome that. My pal
    elected to die Oct. 24, 2011. He and I went through some very strange paths
    in the medical field. I am not educated towards the medical terms and such as
    some of the rest of them. I don't chose to be.

    You, my friend, according to what you have written are in for the ride of your
    life. Also, you have found some of the most caring and knowledgable people
    on the Planet, right here. Sorry we met this way.

    Hi Gretchen, I'm glad you found our site, it's been a lifeline for me. I hope you can get your sister to check in and find out as much as she can, and join our crazy group. I've made some good friends here, and though I've only met one, I care about many of them. Go to the Come for Tea thread for an upbeat look, we talk about OTHER things than our problems with ALS. Other threads are for information, and I lurked on them for a long time before I joined the forum... I was also in denial that I would need to join I guess.

    If you want your questions to get answered from a lot of different points of view, I recommend starting a thread (after you read the "stickies") with your question(s). If you want my point of view, I'd be happy to help you if I can.

    Take care, and check into clinical trials! Show your sister the info from the Emory Univ. stem cell, patient #11 is on our forum as Ted.

    Oh My God!! You've written back! What do you believe happens after death? Do you believe in assisted suicide. What is your most pleasurable memory. Do you have any memories when you were 5? Did you ever play in snow or beat up a kid? Did you ever love an animal? Were you comfortable being alone? What moment stood out for you as being the most traumatic, the most wonderful? Who do you love?

    I love you. I really do love you. You were the only one who came onto my new site. I so wish I could have known you. I will tell my sister about you.

    hope you're looking out on the ocean. (I'm looking out on frozen hills - covered with snow - beautiful snow).

    Many hugs.
    Hi Gretchen,
    Sorry you have to be here,I think it gives lots of info and we are all brothers and sisters here and share everything.I was dx on Aug 2010,last couple of months has been progressing fast.Any questions please ask,I can type,have no voice left.-----------------------------Hug
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