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  • Sorry GregK if i disturb you.
    My first emg was clean 2 weaks ago and they made one more emg.Before it doctor tried my power and i did alot of exercies. She said u have no weakness coz u did all of them great. Then she made emg coz i wanted it. According to results. No weakness, no losing signal. But in 3 places (L4 L5 place) She said there are giant motor unit potentials but it does not mean als. She asked u have back problem? I said yes i have back mri and in the results of mri L4 L5 places have problem, there are 2 little hernias on my right side. But according to emg results gians motor unit potentials on my left leg. She said u have to go to psyical therapy.But i dont understand that coz if emg results there are gians motor unit potentials it means begining of Als usually?
    Greg, I apologize for not following protocol here when I posted in that thread about vets. I hope i didn't cause any problems. Must've missed some instructions somewhere. My wife says that one of my problems is that i don't think the rules apply to me! ;-)
    I filled out my personal data so things should be cool now.
    Merry Christmas Greg ! Hope Santa finds you even though you can be a little naughty! lol Kim
    sure isn't the way my pva guy did it ...

    >Well the process is underway to get the benefits for dad. I contacted our local PVA representative and he gave the website to go to and the form numbers I needed so I could print them off and we can work on filling them out.( There is a buch of forms) As soon as we get them filled out we have to call him and get an appointment to come in and bring the paperwork so he can go to bat for us.
    Greg, I called that number and it said that is whats someones name Witt residence. So I didnt leave a message
    Hi Greg,

    It went well , and we used Accessible Systems out of Littleton. Ask for Marty. You are welcome to come over and see it.
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