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  • Greg,

    i am unable to send you a private message. I did want to let you know that i have only posted in my single thread. I have read other threads, but have not posted on any. I hope that clears things up. Thanks!

    Thank you Greg. I just sent you an email with my husband's information. For some reason I can't figure out how to respond directly to your private message.

    Hi Greg,
    Regarding BioVerity, we would like to be included. Is there a way to message you privately with my husband's info? I can't seem to figure out how to do this.

    Thank you,
    Hi Greg,

    In response to your post on BioVerity, we are very much interested and would appreciate you passing our information along. I dont know how to send a private message on here, I think I am still too new, but here is my husbands information:

    Name: Chad Edenfield
    Age: 37
    Email: [email protected]
    Shipping address: Can you email me and I will give you this?
    Phone: 904-238-6330
    Diagnosis: ALS, 4/14/16

    Thanks so much
    I'm a very private person Greg and would like to remain so. I wonder why my reaching out to a fellow citizen in my tiny country makes you think of weirdos, but anyway - the world is a strange place and I hope Eric finds his way with or without my help. I won't post anymore and I wish you all the best.
    Hi Greg.
    If my 4 posts in any way made you and the forum members nervous, feel free to delete them and I will stay off from here.
    I am deeply involved in the fight for experimental treatment in my country and member of a support group.
    Has been working in pharma and health care for 25 years.I'm a bit surprised by your email!

    Hello Greg! Could you please delete my thread UVULA DEVIATION, please? Thank you very much! I tried to delete it by myself but I can't find any "delete button".
    Hi Greg, I don't know where else to turn. I'm getting lots of cramps and pain. I have a friend willing to fly to CO and get some MM for me, then ship it from there to Florida, where I live. Do the recreational shops have high ratio CBD in oils or candy? I don't want the high from the THC and I have a lot of anxiety but the pain and spasms are getting worse. I can still walk but find myself in bed much of the day with a heating pad on.
    And maybe I should clarify my post: I understand ALS twitches may eventually touch every part of the body as the diseas progresses, but I went from having no twitches whatsoever to all of the sudden having a twitch in my arm, 3 minutes later a twitch in my leg, 6 minutes later a twitch in my palm, etc. Thanks again.
    Hi Greg, I read in one thread you posted that ALS muscle twitches are widespread and body wide. I have been having wide spread muscle twitches all over my body for some time now, but had dismissed the possibility of ALS partially based on information on this forum that suggested ALS twitching usually isn't wide spread. Would you mind clarifying your post for me? I would greatly, greatly appreciate it. If you don't have time I certainly understand.
    BTW, Greg, I talked to a guy in Washington State today for a while. He basically said that since CBD capsules are typically made close to 20mg/day, that's a good place to start. "Start slow and work your way up if need be" seems to be the consensus. I think the more you take, the better for ALS personally.
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