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  • No problem Janelle, I will try finding him on fb. That way with fb message we could always make email contact :)
    Dr Henderson at Royal Brisbane Hospital MND Clinic.
    I'm Katrina Jeffery on facebook, the only Australian one if you want to contact privately :)
    Greetings! I am glad to see that you are not letting your technofear get in the way. My husbands presentation was quite different. Early on he complained of locking in his legs. Initially he was diagnosed with Hereditary Spastic Paraparesis. this was changed 3 years later to PLS when he began with bulbar symptoms. EMGs have been clean for any lower motor neuron changes. He continues to progress and we continue to adjust. He has been pretty symmetrical in his progression and initial symptoms. We try to travel as much as possible. Our latest journey avoided a horrible winter here in the States on the East Coast. We stayed with friends in Singapore for 3 weeks, 1 week in Cambodia, and 4 weeks with friends in Western Australia. We did not get to Geraldton this visit but were there 4 years ago. I have found these forums very helpful in helping meet my husband's challenges.
    Just read your message Gem. May the Lord be with you and your beloved this Easter and always also. He has not forsaken me through all of my this, and my faith assures me He will not. God Bless, J x
    Hi Janelle, wishing you and your family a blessed and happy Easter.
    All the best with your appointment next week.
    Love Gem
    Hello all.
    My name is Janelle and I have recently been diagnosed with PLS. I am techno challenged, I've never joined a group like this before so please accept my apologies now for future stuff ups😃😃
    I have limited use of my right side and have done for about three years but was only diagnosed with PLS in November.
    I've been getting tingling in my left hand and left side of my tongue. Sound 'normal'??
    Thanks in advance, J x
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