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  • Hi Green Queen. I've been lurking but not posting. I think sometimes I get depressed reading about all the sad situations - my heart just breaks for many here - most actually! My wife and I are going on an Alaskan cruise July 25 for a week. It will be a late honeymoon for us. Thanks for noticing. Take care of yourself! Richard
    hello Janelle.. I am the person who posted about my mother. The post about the windows in heaven.. I just wanted to tell you how much your reply touched my heart. Letting go of the guilt is something i struggle with each day. I see that you too have ALS. I said a prayer for you after reading your reply asking God to place is healing hands around you and comfort you. i also asked him to remember you and how you have encouraged me to be thankful for the good times I had with my mother. Im sure she heard it to and may she greet you when the time comes. I do believe there is a plan behind all of this and I hold on to the promise that there is no more pain in heaven! You will be blessed!
    Hi Janelle, I received a message from you regarding the sign and now I can't find it. I was on my phone and must have messed something up. But thank you. It did indeed make me laugh and it was a lovely, caring, and positive way to start my day. Your supportive and kind words too made me feel much better. I so appreciate it. Thank you. :)
    Janelle, you are kind to ask about my foot. I had a new x-ray. My foot is not healing. I will need to get another x-ray done again soon. I'm having so much pain in my foot, and constant swelling, which is mostly because of the ALS, which has affected my left leg and foot the most. I'm sorry about your hand. I see you are young, and having all these health issues. May God help you day by day with this and your young family.
    - Charlene
    Great idea with the purse! glad I could help. Bob Dole is not even on the radar for me as far as politically--but I always admire someone who overcomes physical disabilities creatively!
    Not at all. Thank you for asking about her. She's taking a break from the forum for a bit. She needs a little ALS vacation. My left hand progression is starting to catch up with my right and that is making her sad. I've done most of the cooking in the past (I love to cook) and now she's realizing that it's getting really hard for me. That said, we are still focused on having as much fun as possible and we are!
    Hi, yes she knows about my falling and my balance problems. She fussed at her staff for not having gotten the pc evaluation arranged like she said to on my last visit. I go for it the 1st. Hoping it won't take too awfully long, as falling is bad, I know. As soon as they get it done, and recommend one, I will try to get a loaner from my long term care caseworker until the order can be filled. Not broken anything, but have sprained several things.
    Hi, Horses are my life, when counting my blessing, I always added two for each horse! Don't mind using my photos to encourage any youngsters. Take care. Glenn
    Thanks Janelle,

    We're in Houston and have spent the past two days shopping Class A motorhomes and have settled on a couple. Hopefully we'll have the deal done by middle of next week and be on the road back.

    I'll post up some photos when we get it (along with the trip).

    I'll pass along the Hello to Vicky and you do the same to your family as well.

    Take care,
    Oh, thank you, dear Janelle. It is nice of you to write a personal note. This past week has been my toughest so far. I broke my left foot due to a fall, and my left leg and foot is where the ALS started. It has made my left leg and foot go wild with fasciculations and severe pain, which keeps me from sleeping at night. Other symptoms are showing up as a result. I'm noticing for instance a change in my breathing. I appreciate your prayers. God is my refuge, my help, my strength.
    - Charlene
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