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  • Thanks for thinking of me. I have been fortunate to have friends and family who make sure that I am okay. Because of the changes in perspective that this experience has shown me I am making changes to make my life easier. After so much care effort it is hard coming home to a quiet house.
    I think I did the accept friend thing correctly! Thank you! Hope that your hands feel better. I got a pair of partial finger yoga gloves to help mins. Not having the entire finger covered helps me keep them on.
    Hi Janelle! His poison ivy is drying up and his elbow is healing; thanks for asking!
    I'm OK. Been a little tired because everything takes so much energy. Been trying to sort things and directing moving things make a bit more room for the power chair to get around in my house, and trying to figure out how to hate the top of the wheelchair ramp so I can get through it easily, but my chihuahuas cannot. Hope I did not worry you being absent. My best friend and I are trying to get as much done as possible before she goes back to work, and the power chair is top priority after we got the gate figured out so my doggies can go potty outside. Trying to get it done before she goes back to work. I'm not working working on it, but I have to sort things, and tell her where to put what. Thank you so much for checking up on me. I thought about posting a note in the pals roll call, but, kinda want to wait on that til I get that final diagnosis.
    Hi Janelle,
    I'm doing good thank you. My two son's just got back yesterday from visiting my dad is Dallas. They had a good time. They took my dad to see the movie Mission Impossible which they said was good. My daughter and I went in June to see dad. It gets overwhelming for him if too many people visit him at the same time. It's hard during the school year for the kids to get there. He's almost a whole day of driving and they can't afford to get behind in school. They have a four day weekend in October so were hoping to make a quick trip to see him then. Take care, Kim
    Thank you so much for the lovely message Janelle.
    It has been busy here and to be honest I do go up and down in myself, but I'm OK.
    Had a lovely sleepover last night with 3 other local MND widows and Ice bucket challenge - very healing!
    I'm so glad you joined here and being active xx
    Happy Belated Birthday, Janelle! You are just wonderful to have here. Every post you make is either funny, informative, or touching...sometimes all 3! You clearly have a heart for people. Wishing you many birthday blessings that last all year long!
    Sadly, Janelle I am 5 years older than you. My son frequently reminds me how close to fifty that is .....happy belated birthday! I hope you do.something wonderful for your birthday. We are in Pittsburgh for a nieces's wedding. :)
    Hey Janelle, my hubby just showed me how to reply back! He is my rock when it comes to tech stuff. I grew up all over Queensland. Born in Mackay. schooled in Brissy, army life in Townsville. Moved to California to marry my beloved. We know people in Perth and our friend Kim grew up in Geraldton. We haven't given them the news yet! It's so darn hard to speak without the emotions, plus hard being across the pond.
    I hope that you get the firm answer you need, wishing it could be not this shitty disease. May I ask what are your limitations? I'm amazed that they have no clinic in WA that can help! Anyways we are just starting this journey and I'm scared as heck but it is what it is. Blessings Alana
    Hi Janelle, long shot question? Did you know a Kim Irwin of Irwin Bullbars ( fathers business) Kim grew up in Geraldton! Alana
    Thank you so much Janelle. Holly is my true love. I also have an African Grey parrot and she's been with me for 31 years! I love all animals! I'm not sure how to post pictures, but I'll try in a new post.
    Thank you again,
    By the way, I bought a Kindle which I monitor this site with these days as opposed to my pc. I wonder if it makes a difference in my visiting numbers? Richard
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