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  • Janelle, please accept my deepest and most sincere apologies... I just came across this note from you nearly a year and a half since you posted it! BTW, between March of 2015 and now, my diagnosis was changed from PLS to ALS.

    I too light candles galore for folks, Janelle, and will continue that cherished tradition just as long as humanly possible! All truly is well here... yeah, more than a slight bit of an inconvenience, but nothing nearly as bad as many have it!

    God bless, Janelle!!! and I do hope to be seeing you around.


    Hi Green Queen. Thank you for your nice message. It's very much needed and appreciated.
    So glad to hear back from you! Be careful on those falls! Sending warm thoughts and prayers your way!
    "Feeling lost is not so bad when you know someone will find you.
    Very glad we found you."
    You wrote that--one of the most beautiful things I've read--and the heart of the forum; in fact, I think it's kind of the reason we're all on this earth together. You are such a beautiful spirit, Janelle. Just wanted to say it. -Cindy
    Hi Janelle, my brother is still in intensive care. They trached him this morning. Hopefully that will help. I hesitantly went to Chicago for the past three days to meet my two newest grandchildren for the first time . It was so exhausting and will take a few days to get back some strength. But was worth it!
    Thank you for asking.
    Thanks for thinking of me Janelle, I took a tumble this week but I am fine, tell everyone that I pray for them daily, when I try to read small print my eyes get locked .
    Luv the nickname, Janelle! Yes, bikes, boats, motos, exploring, and kids were my life. Career definitely took a backseat! Looking forward to the v6.
    Thx for reaching out.
    Hey there - I tried posting an update on your Voice Banking thread but can't seem to get it through/approved?... I found a pretty sweet group of people on FaceBook called "ALS - Patient and Caregiver tips for every day living", and was provided with what I found to be quite helpful feedback on our voice banking options. The most highly recommended for affordable (FREE) and user friendly options was by far and above - Model Talker. Here is a YouTube video of one gent who describes his own experience & provides some good tips for most effectively using the device. and the site for the device itself is

    Apparently it is in the 'Beta Phase' and this is the reason it is currently free of charge.

    I truly hope the best for you, and would love to hear your thoughts on this option - if you do choose to go through with it.
    Hi Janelle, I am ok. Functioning to the best of my ability anyway.
    Thanks for thinking of me and I hope you are well.
    Hugs ~ Kaye
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