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  • Hi,i have found the alsa rhodes chapter for you to contact a few days ago.
    I posted it in your thread on newly diagnosed.
    Would send pm but you can't get them yet,hope it helps.
    Take care. caroline.
    Hi Steve
    thanks so much for your mail. Im now on such a mission to find this drug im joining bodybuilding forums - as apparantley its these guys who also use increlex for steroid purposes!I will report on findings if we ever get our hands on it.
    Many thanks!!
    Hello greekgirl,

    Have you checked with the UK members of this forum? There are several. olly, johnnyliverpool, celticgirl, and several others. Maybe some of them could give you a lead as to where to purchase this drug (and/or other drugs as well).

    I can't recall anyone else form Greece, but there also members from Italy. kiara, itbeauty, some others. One way to find connections is to go to 'community' on the tool bar, then to 'members list', view their profile to see where they are from.

    Surly someone can direct you to a source for your meds. It doesn't sound like your dad wants to go anywhere, so he is lucky to have you trying to help him.

    Good luck to you.

    Hang tough,
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