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  • hi,i have just popped on the forum after over a week so just got your message.
    thankyou so much for your kind words,i am better with regards to the surgery itself but physically it has taken it out of me and been in more pain and weaker.
    how are you? i see your in london,it must be starting to get more busy with the games starting soon.
    everyone is just so depressed with all the rain,only managed to get out twice on my mobility scooter.
    don't you just love johnny bless him.
    good to hear from you,please keep in touch.
    grateful..ta for dropping us a line....seems tedh has more clout than me and has got everyone ignoring the IT....thankgoodness...take care johnny
    Hi Nightwolf I’m very well, thank you. In fact it was a close family member who has neurological problems, not me, which brought us to this forum. Some of the symptoms - fasiculations, cramps, perceived weakness - looked like ALS/MND symptoms, and at that point anxiety kicked in.
    Of course once anxiety kicks in just about anything can look like ALS/MND, but thanks to the wonderful members of this forum, past and present, we were able to haul ourselves up from despair and keep going with the neurologists.
    After comprehensive investigation the consensus is that it’s a virus which is slowly being demolished by the immune system. I had not realised that pain could be a symptom of things getting better rather than worse, but that’s apparently the case when it means that nerves are healing.
    The fasiculations and cramps are reducing in frequency; hopefully they too will go but they are manageable. All in all I very much hope that it will prove to be something similar for you!
    Hello, how are you doing? The medicine is helping me with the cramps and spasms. Unfortunately it's not helping with the weakness but at least I no longer need to feel these cramps everytime. Do you have a diagnosis? Do you mind telling me about your symptoms? Hope to see you soon and that you improve too.
    I'm wondering just how far away you are; that garage sale sounds very interesting.
    Not, of course, that I am addicted; I can give up buying things whenever I want. I just don't want to!
    LOL! And my mom would hang me if I got any more "crap!" I just gave away SEVEN boxes of craft stuff... and probably should give away more! Just bagged up all my fabric scraps, thread, and yarn and selling them in my garage sale on Saturday! So I'm good but thanks for the offer!! LOL!
    Hi grateful, undersatnd your worries and the stress it causes. I haveunknown neurological problems some disabling symptoms and strange test results am in twickenham if you need to chat , have seen several neurologists but still no answer
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