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  • Sorry about your relative. Hope she is better soon!
    Glad you got away for a bit. I did a bit of the same this spring. Had a visit to England to see all the family and zipped over to Paris as well distributing prayers for all PALS as I went.
    Thanks for the link. Believe me, I've read all the articles. I know all the damage that the cipro poison can cause. I have all the symptoms - ringing in my ears, random sharp shooting pains all through my body, even my bones... At this point, I don't know which of my symptoms are cipro and which are neurological (as in UMN stuff). My legs (which are clean on EMGs for now) are HORRIBLE. They feel like I need to massage them, lack of circulation almost. Heavy, painful. When the cipro bomb hit, I slept 10 hours in a week and my whole body was ringing from the inside. Since then, I've never been the same, and probably never will be. Thanks for your help though
    Hello, how are you? Well, it is not all the time, but I need to stop and rest throughout the day. When I use my muscles, especially those from my arms and shoulders, they get tired very fast and I need to stop and rest for a while to be able to use them again. One more thing to adapt... Hope to see you soon!
    Hi, how are you doing? I'm doing ok. It's becoming harder to do some things but as I said I'm trying to focus in what I can do now and doing as much as I can. I think is the best thing to do. I put the disease and the progression in God's hands. Hope to see you soon...
    Hi, I do appreciate your comments to our crazy twitchers. Check out Healthy' s visitir page. Hugs. Lori
    Grateful, do you have a cough assist? If not, you sound like you need one asap... hope you feel better soon!
    That's great Grateful! It is a nice piece an will help someone that truly needs it. Xoxoxo. You are the best.
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