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  • Hi, Your welcome. On the bottom of the first Group forums page you can see a little birthday cake on the left hand side if it some ones Birthday, Pretty cool...:)
    They did testa nd said he had a small amount of carpal tunnel but not enough to warrant surgery. However since Rick insisted he could no longer do his job the doctor decided to do surgery. They started on his right hand and did surgery on both the wrist and elbow although Rick was convinced that his right arm wasn't that bad. He swore his left hand was the problem, and they said the test showed it was his right. The surgeries didn't really help and after the second surgery the falls got really bad. They sent him to a hand therapist, and she noticed how abnormal his reflexes were. That is when they started doing test. It took another 8 months before he got the diagnosis of ALS. During this time Rick did have clonus (a shaking or jerking movement) but only while he was sleeping. He would get mad at me for telling the doctors about it. He said it wasn't happening, but it was.
    Rikc's case is very unusual. He has now been diagnosed 16 years.
    I am sorry I haven't responded to this sooner. I am not very good with forums and didn't know the message was here till this week.
    My husband never told me he was having symptoms. He would say that he was getting old before his time. He used to plan on what he would do once the weekend but when the weekend came, he would spend most of it on the couch. I guess he was just worn out from fighting the onset of this sickness while working a full time, totally physical job. He started having problems with dropping things. It kept getting worse so I thought he had carpal tunnel. He told me there was nothing wrong with him, but then he started falling. He always had an excuse for the falls, but it was obvious that something was wrong. By then the weakness in his hand had spread to his arm and he was struggling more with that. At that point he went to a hand doctor and said he had carpal tunnel.
    i have been reading many postings on this site as its bwtween MS/MND/ALS for me startd out w twitching last yr progressivly getting wrost which i blew off all together then back spasm in lower back and ofcourse drs saying i had carpel tunnels. everytime i wake up they are completly alseep and along with sleeping feet but they could be sperate but things just arent adding up they cant find MS on all of the test i did so they say i do not have this.. iam very weak in my legs now i can still walk... scared there is no other explanation then i came across your postings.. w the carpel tunnel issue.. i never knew that was an symtoms but guess everyone is diffent,, iam so very very very sorry about your husband and will be praying every night for your hubbie and your family... i do have a question if you dont mind explaining how your husbands sysmtoms and dx all went down??.. my email addy is [email protected] thanks:) ashley
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