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  • I understand your need to take what you learned as a caregiver. After the death of my husband, I started volunteering with the ALS Association in town. I'm now back in school working on a degree in social work so that I can continue with both caregivers and patients. I learned too much not to use the knowledge to make the path easier for someone else. It gives my husband's life and death purpose and meaning. Helping others with ALS honors our PALS. Best of luck to you.
    How true your words were that it is difficult for anyone to understand the difficulty dealing with this disease really is. How it leaves you so drained physically and emotionally. Watching someone you love die from this disease it extremely hard to do. I know and understand the pain and loss you are feeling and please know you are not alone. We will not forget the ones we loved and will hold close to our hearts the memories we share. Please message me if you ever need someone to talk to or feeling lost. I know the sense of loss is overwhelming for me right now and can only hope this will get better.

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