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    my journey winding down

    AZ Girl, Thank you for your shared inspiration, wisdom and positive vibes! I hope to be as peacefully calm and graceful as you, when my time comes. You are truly a beautiful person. Thank you for all that you have shared. Sleep well and long! Hope to meet you someday on the other side!
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    PALS roll call Wednesdays (or whenever) PALS ONLY PLEASE

    Still here and thrilled I made it for a Wednesday posting. Best to all for a super week ahead!!:D Margot
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    What should be done

    A beautiful story of a beautiful Family. So nice to know you are all loved and supported!
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    life became easier

    Sam is awesome!. We are in the midst of altering the bathroom to put in a roll-in shower and remove the gargantuan tub. Sam was quite knowledgeable giving us tips on the remodel, and he also measured for a stair lift. Isn't anything he can't do. And, I am loving the stand-up chair! All the...
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    What makes your fasciculations worse?

    Thanks Kim! I'll pay more attention to my water intake, given all of the above symptoms of dehydration are occurring! Sorry to hear your fasciculations seem to be off the charts! Mine in legs, feet and arm seem to go away when I shift my weight or alleviate any pressure. Its the leg cramps...
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    life became easier

    Great news Al, My ALS lift chair should be arriving tomorrow and we'll be measured for a stair entry ramp, also supplied by the group. Not sure if I will go with a scooter or mechanical chair for outdoor ventures, both of which have been offered. Looking forward to the lift chair, which for some...
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    What makes your fasciculations worse?

    Hi All, My fasciculations have increased quite a bit recently. Only my left leg for the last few years and now in my right leg and left arm and hand. I have no idea of what is causing them, just thought it was part of progression. Given I do like to imbibe, (similar to Al above- I wonder if...
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    A visit from ALS rep

    Hi there, This is Gott,y from Toronto. Greetings Canucks! A fellow PALS at the Sunnybrook Hospital clinic ( my 'club') is on this program. She swears by it! Just think of having consistent care by the same peeps everyday! You hire, train, pay and it works really well for her. She has several...
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    PALS roll call Wednesdays (or whenever) PALS ONLY PLEASE

    Happy to report in from not-so-sunny, but warm Florida, and sure beats the cold of Toronto! Here for a few weeks with two of my sisters. Such lovely doting sisters!! WE haven't spent this much time together since growing up, four decades ago!! Hope all is well with everyone! Gotty
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    PALS roll call Wednesdays (or whenever) PALS ONLY PLEASE

    Hey Al, so glad you are keeping at it. I recognize the length of time it now takes to do the easiest things, though feel triumphant when I actually do finish! Keeps us busy! And, Thanks so much for the reminder of the Disability Tax Credit (in Canada) Did you know it is actually retroactive to...
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    Improvement in eating

    Hi Al, Thanks so much for posting your regimen. I am thrilled to hear of your advancements in hope it continues to improve for you! I was surprised to see that the ALS clinic had suggested it. Do you attend the Sunnybrook clinic? I do and my neuro is Dr. Petrescu. Who do you see there? I...
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    Tillie's Trees

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful tribute to! Too cute!
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    PALS roll call Wednesdays ( or whenever)

    Hi All, I don't come often as I seem to miss Wednesday's, so thought I'd check in early! I so enjoy reading your comments and getting to know you virtually! I was diagnosed in Nov 2015. At that time, I was using a cane for balance outdoors and occasionally furniture indoors, to get around...
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    PALS roll call Wednesdays ( or whenever)

    Happy Wednesday to all! Hope you have a super week ahead! Gotty