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  • Hi Gosi:

    Sorry, I'm not a doctor and they people on this forum who definitively have ALS may be of better help. But I know that if your report shows no evidence of anterior horn damage and there are disc issues then that points away from ALS and that's a good sign.

    Hope that helps.
    Hi Gosi: Have you made an appt. with a neuro? I've been lucky so far to have gotten in as early as I have. Best of luck.
    Yes, I believe it is from the disc. As for the other twitching, worrying about ALS and having health anxiety can definitely cause that.
    You don't have anything to worry about when it comes to ALS, my friend. You're issues are clearly in your back and nerve roots. Your EMG showed no evidence of ALS...that is GOOD news. You have fasics, but no clinical weakness or atrophy, so that is also good.

    Keep taking your anti-depressants, I take lexapro and it's changed my life. My journey began in September with some perceived weakness and twitching. Over time, I've developed atrophy and twitching in many places, but I still do not have ALS. So many other things it can be. Stay strong.
    Here is the thing. Anxiety, stress, fatigue, electrolyte imbalaces can all cause twitching and cramping. So.can caffeine. I think you need to see your doctor for your anxiety and believe what the neurologist says about the rest. Good luck
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