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  • Thank you again .. i will make another appointment with doc this week . Ive been seeing a friends mum and having acupressure done and my right big to has been flicking up ever so slightly , as you can imagine im shitting myself about it .. the neuro checked for babinski when i was in hospital a month ago , but surely thay would have been present then considerimg ive been dealing with this crap since feb .

    Wow thank you for that . I still feel like im grasping at straws as my walking feels off/ weak and i feel generally unwell as you mentioned. My thyroid has been subacute (i have all the pock marks e.t.c) and its vascular. My tests also were suggestive of either graves or hashi but my tsh levels are always within range ..however i always have a crap load of antobodies detected . Drives me batty that i dont know whats affecting me and im still worried it could be neurological . Fingers crossed its something fixable and i can crack back on with life. Did you have near cramps when you were having pain e.t.c

    Thanks once again !
    Hello gooseberry.
    I have been give the all clear by the neurologist thankfully . However my symptoms still progress and i am still getting "near" cramp pains tired talking e.t.c. all the crap you've seen in my topic post.
    Eyes have been drawn back to my thyroid issues again . I have had subacute thyroiditis for a number of years and have just been blood tested for parthyroid hormones e.t.c .

    Please could you tell me your story about your parathyroid issues . I saw that you mentioned it in another post to a brief member.

    Thank you.

    Thinking of you, Got off I75 @ the Wesley Chaple exit & u popped in my thoughts. Hope you are well. I had my evaluation for my speech generator at Abilities First in Lutz.
    What a great machine, I'm sure I will feel like I have much more independence!
    Hi Friend,
    Just read your post today and I'm so saddened by what you addressed. Perhaps it was a blip on the screen - I am just so sorry you have to have any further anguish. Truly.
    Steph I remember thinking my dad was old when I was 5, he was 31 at the time! Anything over 30 has to be old to kids!
    I hope you, Steve and Julien enjoyed the wedding.
    God bless, Janelle x
    Happy Birthday! On the West Coast you still have almost 3 hours left, so hope party's not over yet!
    Hey Steph
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow! I hope you have a FANTASTIC day! Mine was the 12th. I was wondering if we are about the same age? My kids are roughly Julien's age, 13 & 11.
    I feel old now, 43!
    Janelle x
    Could this pain comes from immobilization in the last few months or are symptoms of ALS. I drank a lot of medicines like Leksotan, neurotop, setinin, magnesium, tsipraleks, milgama N. fluanksol. Almost all of them treat anxiety and depression, but not twitch. In many sites wrote that the diagnosis ALS is very difficult. Since the beginning twitches were only in the calf, now occasionally appear in the biceps, shoulder, hip, wrist on hand which also worries me. And these pains in the legs that begin simultaneously in both legs and then both are removed.These twitches me reflect on the quality of life and work. I have a daughter 3.5 years old and at least try to show that it no tension.Great wife who understands me, but I see that extra burden with my problems. This is my facebook if you want to add me: skype: gosi73bg. Thank you again for taking the time to my problems.
    Hello Gooseberry! First I want to thank you very much for quick response and for giving me hope that my problems are not related to ALS. I really worry about these twitches, because they are 6 months and do not stop. I work most driving a car. Over the past 4-5 months I almost have no physical activity. 3-4 weeks I have pain in the muscles of both legs, calves, thighs. Once you take a short pause pain subside. I visited a vascular surgeon, and he said there was no problem with the leg veins.
    Gooseberry, do you and your husband go to the ALS Clinic at the University of South Florida? I had my first visit there last Friday.
    Say it isn't so.... $2000 for a trilogy? just saw your post under 'hospital bill' and responded there. Lordy lordy lordy...
    My legs felt like I ran 50 miles and we're just tired and my arms felt as if I lifted weights all day (and still do). Also a couple nights ago when I was at work all of a sudden my left chest and left arm when completely numb but the sensation returned within a few minutes. That happened three times that night. I have noticed twitching muscles in my calves, thighs, back, arms, shoulders, and especially my left eye. I have been having cramping in my right hand. And my muscles just ache. My left hip in particular is extremely sore as well. Lastly once in a while I see a spark go through my vision in that eye. I just want someone to answer so I am prepared before seeing a neuro. Sorry couldn't put it all in one post
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