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  • We are taking a trip to Ireland, from Minnesota. I've read one of your posts about flying, but still have a couple questions. My PALS has no use of his arms or hands, and his legs are getting very weak. We'll be bringing his collapsible wheelchair on the trip. Once on the plane, he probably won't be able to get around during the long flight. It's an overnight, and I was thinking about reserving one of those specialty seat/beds for each of us...thinking it would be easier for him. We already have our flights, but was thinking about what would be easier - regular seats or the "beds". Do you have any experience with those? Do you recommend a condom catheter? Still so many questions, and we leave in a month! Thank you!
    Steph, do you know the name and number of the person at the VA there that does the SAH program and in-home

    Hi Sorry to bother you. I was backpedalling thru some of the boards.... your son is autistic? Mine too. Matthew just turned 23. We did his dinner that night at East Side Mario's.... my question to you is, how did you tell your son about the ALS?
    I still haven't told him. I still don't know if he'd even understand....
    If you don't want to talk about it, i get it.
    Thanks for reading. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Hey gooseberry I don't k ow if you've read my story or not but I've seen where your husband has respiratory onset which is what I'm afraid I might have if you get the time could you read my thread? Thank you in advance.
    i think i saw that you use natural oils. am i remembering that correctly? i would love to 'talk oils' with someone. do you use doterra or young living oils?
    Hi Steph,

    I have had a crazy month! I could not find your text you sent me to call you. Do you still want the hoyer lift? I could bring it over to you either this Friday or some time next week. let me know by text or a phone call--I am not loggin on here very often. you have my number in a private message
    Hi gooseberry....hope all is going well for you. We just bought a bigger house in The Villages and hope we can get the VA in at closing, 24 Nov, so we can get the modifications started.
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