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  • It's no problem, I wish I could be more help. Optic atrophy is essentially random, so it's impossible to tell someone they do or don't have it by symptoms. With over a million individual neurons in the optic bundle, the symptoms don't necessarily track with visual damage to the nerve (you can just get unlucky and lose neurons with poor redundancy so look ok, or lucky and lose only redundant ones so that lots of visual damage produces very little sight loss), and what functions go is very dependent on what dies.

    For me, I've lost contrast and color vision, some field, and just a little actual acuity. But I think learning to live with visual impairment is the same for most VI people, so if it turns out to be permanent email me at tokahfang at gmail if you want resources for that kind of thing.
    thank you for the note on my wall glf4kev. I hope you get your vision issues sorted out soon. For me I have to wear triple lenes (trifocals) and I still have times when I am tired, my eyes refuse to focus. Its a pain but I have realized when I get like that I might as well just rest. Nothing can be done about it.
    PLM is another forum called Patientslikeme.com
    It has forums for a wide range of medical problems. I think you can just do a search for the baclofen pump
    Good luck!
    Hi Kevin,

    please read my post called "Baclofen Pump Tests / Use '

    that covers what i went through etc.

    Currently i dont know if it is doing much for me, but i can still bend my legs, ankles etc, raise my arms above my head etc. so i will continue to have it going as if i stop it i might seeze up totally.

    for me it was worth a go as i wanted, like all of us do to lead a normal as possible life.

    if you have any other questions please ask away

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