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  • glupavomomiche, I'm so curious as what your tagline means??? Sorry you're here, but welcome to our world... your son is adorable with those curls! When you get a chance, find the Come for Tea thread for our virtual tea party.
    Hi Sarah!
    Sorry you've joined the club, but welcome. Your little guy is a cutie.
    Take are,
    Ok, I did go online with the blog. You are a very aggressive, funny and talented lady.

    Wow, I applaud your plan of attack. We are here to learn from you and let you lean
    on us when necessary. No one is an island. :)

    Hello again, Your blog is not visible yet. Thanks for the explanation. Looking forward
    to reading it though.

    Glup, Your writing is exceptional. Some of the responses were also. Question, if you don't
    mind, how is it you come by your sign on name. I always get a kick out of the birthing of
    a new name. :) If you don't want to say, I get that also. Sorry for your health issue's,
    but thanks for your input.

    Sorry your on the train with us, but glad to have you here if that makes sense. If I can help please ask I will try to do what I can.
    Sorry about your dx,we are all brothers and sisters here and share all info,prayers are for you---Ken
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