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  • Let me know what you find out. When all my sick days run out I will then apply for my retirement/disability through my school system (KRS). Assuming KRS approves me they will check on how much I receive from SS/Disability. IF the total of both KRS & SS benefits is more than my highest paying average year with driving bus then KRS has to reduce my monthly benefit. Keeping my current health insurance (very low premium) with school system is why I am using all my sick days up. My health insurance plus Medicare (starting Aug) should mean less out of pocket with health costs. When I officially retire/disability thru school system I lose my health insurance and I am forced to take a KRS Medicare supplement because I have Medicare. I keep telling everyone....having ALS is one burden but having to coordinate and worry about benefits, insurance, etc is another burden. Even with all this I still consider myself very lucky :). ALOT of people have it ALOT worse than me.
    I live in KY but assume SS/Disability is the same in all states. The last day I actually worked was Feb 20, 2012. I have ALOT of unused sick days from my work that I started using beginning Feb 21st. SS told me that using sick days and getting paid from them was ok. I also have a small disability policy I bought through my work that only pays for 1 year. SS said that was ok also. SS/Disability will start from the day after the last day you "actually worked". They have a 5 month waiting period from the day after your last day actually worked before your Medicare will start & you receive your first SS/Disability check. Call SS & ask what papers you need to print of internet & they can also make an appt for you at your local SS office to turn paperwork in. SS will also see if you are eligible for SSI, Medicaid, SNAP and other benefits. Since you have a minor child (your son is a cutie) he might be eligible for benefits too.
    Hello Silly Girl,
    I just read your blog and was totally caught up in have so much talent as a writer. Have you thought about writing a book? How has it been going since you have "officially" retired from teaching? I stopped driving the school bus in February but was so intense on getting all the "stuff" together to file for SS Disability, etc I didn't really notice I didn't "work" anymore till about a month later. Once a week the retired bus drivers from the transportation dept I worked for get together for a breakfast at a local restaurant. If you haven't already checked to see if your school system retirees do that or not you should. I waited a bit before I went but glad I go now.
    Well I hear the beeper on the washer & dryer so its back to laundry for me today. :)
    Truth be known, I read your name wrong this whole time. Please accept my apologies! Xoxo
    Hi there - just noticed you're in south Oklahoma (Texas) and thought you'd like to be friends. I have family in the Austin area and extended relatives all over the state. Hope you're having a better day.
    Hey Glupa, try asking trfogey directly if he knows about the cortical... whatever it's called. I've never heard of it, but he may have. Or Alyoop may know about it as well.

    Have you check out the tea party yet? I hear Di's back, tossing out those questionable brownies again! :)
    You should be able to go to that thread, it's not a private one... try it again, and if you have any problems, then contact Al...
    I'm sorry to hear that you have to go thru this alone. I really hate that for you. I read your post about your family issues and I'm very sad for you. I'll be praying for you. I know God will lead you to make the right decision for you and your son. I can't imagine going thru this alone.
    Lots of love
    I'm sort of opposite. I developed foot drop in the left foot first and now I can't move but only one toe and can't flex my foot upward or to the left. I can move it down just a bit and to the right just a bit as well. The right foot is following along after the left. I'm having more difficulty moving the toes on the right and moving the foot upward. I have cramps pretty bad in both legs. Usually at night or if I move a certain way. My hands are weaker than they used to be but I can still do everything with them. I can't open things as well a I used to. I don't have any symptoms in the upper part yet. I'm thinking I might have some swallowing issues but it may be my mind playing tricks on me after reading up on this disease.. you know. I'm taking the Rilutek or Riluzole. I haven't done any PT yet. I have foot braces for both legs with the left one being a full leg brace for the knee and foot. They help some with walking... just hard to get used to.
    Our tea party is absolutely not political, and not even politically correct at times... we started off with talking about dog poop, and invariably end up there again and again. And everything in between. And no, since we only drink virtual tea, you can have whatever kind you want. Just watch out for those flying brownies, from time to time we think there's an extra ingredient in them as they make us feel really good.

    I'll check out your blog as well. Enjoy that little guy you have, they grow up so quickly!
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