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  • Hi. I sent Irma a message on FB that u want the lift. Told her to check her message here.
    The Trial is for Ceftriaxone. It ends in Dec, but my year will be up mid August.I had hoped to participate till the end but am no longer sure that I'll make the one year mark. I've had Candida, gallstones, acid reflux, allergy to tape and the clear dressing that covers my Hickman catheter site. We had managed everything up until recently. The Candidiasis has really gotten out of hand. I'm being referred to the Infectious Disease Doc next week. Turns out that if it goes systemic, it can cause organ failure. Meanwhile I 'll take daily Difulcan in addition to my usual topical creams. I'm so bummed out. So good that your local Neuro is a keeper. Keep abreast of the Clinal Trials on the NEALs website. I'm sure the next leg of the Dexi Trial will fill up quickly. Our Clinic had hoped to offer it this fall, but now I hear it won't be out till 2013.
    Consider yourself lectured! We're ALL struggling with this issue.
    I'm pooped today after the two hour drive to Augusta for my Clinical Trial visit yesterday. Spent 4 hours in the car for about an hour and a half at clinic and I just found out that I have to go again next week! :-(
    Last week's company and outings left me in PJ's for a couple of days. I'd go back to bed today but am having trouble getting out without a bit of assistance. I started using the new hospital bed Sat. Lovely airflow mattress but too soft for me to get to a sitting position on the side of the bed with any reliability. My lift recliner will have to suffice for today. Snoop dog will be pleased.
    Loved your post! Hope the mods can move it to the comedy section. LOL!
    Hope you're staying busy here in the early days of retirement.
    Thanks for the support and advice. I have 2 family members going with me. I'm wondering if they will do an emg or my original one will be enough. My first one was tough. That's one of my concerns. Going through two of them so close.
    Help! Someone just gave me a drive-by hugging!!! Too funny, thanks for the smiles and the hug! sending you one back.
    I've done drive by hugs before but never with sound effects! Cool! ;) Hugs back atcha Sweets!
    I have lost all hope of getting out of Limboland, because I don't think we have the right speacialists here. I mean MND specialists. (I think thats's what ailing me after reading thousands and thousands of pages). We, Bulgarians, are great readers, I presume you know. Interestingly, there was a very curious case here. A guy from a pop group - Tonika - you can ask Boyan - was diagnosed with ALS. After a year it turned out it's Lyme disease. Someone decided to experiment with antibiotics on him. I am of the opinion that the knowledge about human brain is incredibly meagre at this stage. But let me stop blabbering.

    Pod Igoto (Under Yoke) is one of the most fantastic works of Bulgarian authors. I really hope the translation is a good one. You see, I am a philologist, hence my interest in literary works and translations,. If you are interested I'll tell you more. And now I'll really put a stop to my blabbering. Forgot to mention FSB is one of my favourite Bulgarian groups. Hugs.
    I'll check and accept! I wouldn't ever reject you. ;) Thanks for being my friend Sarah! If I don't see it I'll let you know.
    Hugs to you!
    Hi Sarah! So glad you responded. And I am happy you have made contact with a lot of Bulgarians. As for my ALS connection - I am in Limboland right now. I have seen some 10 neurologists, had 5 EMG's - which say nothing, had numerous (4) MRI's of my brain and 1 of my spine and all the specialsts have no idea why I have perceived (for now) weakness, twitching all over, pain in all extremities, but mostly in legs and the funniest complaint - constant paresthesia in the left side of the roof of my mouth. it is as if I scalded it with a very hot drink. But enough about me, I hope you are doing well, and that the progression is at a stop. In case you wonder what chudesno momiche means (чудесно момиче - in the Cyrillic script) it means "wonderful girl"and I really think that is what you are!
    Dear Sarah, I've left a comment on one of your blog entries. I enjoyed reading your blog tremendously. You are such a vivid writer with a wonderful sense of humour. Hope I will be able to communicate with you. I come from Sofia, Bulgaria and your nickname intrigued me. Wishing you a lovely Sunday.
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