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  • I am doing good, we were on vacation so I took a vacation from social media as well!

    I enjoy reading your fb updates.
    I just did what needed done. I have a simple philosophy in life, do what's right and avoid what's wrong!

    How are you doing my friend?
    Thank you Sarah - I've been reading your blog - it's amazing. Your writing is thoughtful and precise and a joy to read. (I was apprehensive at first, fearing it would be as a dark and gloomy place as are so many ALS internet sites) It's now a favourite! Will visit frequently. Thanks again.
    Hi Sarah - I read your blog in its entirety and really enjoyed it. You probably hear this all the time, but you're a fantastic writer. I also came across a couple of youtube videos you put out of you singing and playing piano and loved them. Hope the garage sale was a big success!
    Hi! My brother and sister took my dad to see Dr. Daragh Heitzman in Dallas. Not sure of where he's exactly located in Dallas. They all loved him. Hope your having a good weekend. Kim
    Great blog but I'm sorry to say that my nearest and dearest would throttle me if I took up another craft, on the grounds that I'm already knee deep in fabric and yarn.
    On the other hand, thanks to the existence of the postal service between the USA and the UK, if you would like some fabric/yarn for your scrapbook making then my nearest and dearest would love you forever!
    LOVED the blog. The scissors look perfect. I'm going to find a pair. I have the Cutter Bee scissors and they are DANGEROUSLY sharp and I had to be careful prior to getting ALS when using them. Your needlenose look a little dangerous :0). I never realised my silentsetter would need 'softer' eyelets but I'm going to go look for them. My sisters will be a BUNCH of eyelets from me . . . (the 'old' harder ones will have to go). I have the Xyron and have almost never used it but can see it will be easier than applying glue. Thanks for the tips!!
    I didn't even think about the tape runners! i have always used glue dots and i should go make sure I still have the dexterity to use them. I think I do. I have about 10+ boxes of them!! Better get using them. But, thanks for the 'reminder'. I'll buy some tape runners next time I'm out to have them handy and ready. I had just bought a 'used' silentsetter (before diagnosis cause I wanted to try them) and haven't used it yet. Glad to know it works. I'll see if I have enough strength to push down and turn.
    Just wanted to say hi. :) Saw in a previous post (where you mentioned a paper cutter) that you are a scrapbooker! So am I. (Once a scrapbooker, always a scrapbooker is what I say!) Hope you have many albums complete! I have pages that are not in albums that I need to organize soon. I have not scrapped since my diagnosis as I didn't want to know if I 'couldn't do it anymore'. (I have use of my hands but they're weaker, especially the left.) BUT, I'm planning a 3-day scrap with a few close friends in the next few weeks. I'm excited and hope all goes well. What tools should I keep to help me as I progress? You've found uses for the paper cutter - anything else? Hope all is well with you . . .
    Thanks for the info. I'll look at that funny site on this 'personal' topic. :) I have put a few feelers out and will update you on what I decide. My cousin (not a pALS) had the ablation for other medical reasons. Her periods only stopped for about 6 months and started again! I'm not sold on that option . . . I have heard that you can take the pill and not take the 'week off' pills. I have a business card for a doctor that will adjust hormones/something-or-other and your periods will stop. As I am younger, I won't have the same cALS all the time as my fiance needs to work so I'm not sure I want 'various' individuals helping me with this!!! :)
    Hey Sarah... Hugs to you as well. I've not been on here in a long time. I'm on Facebook alot but rarely get on here... i'm going to try to get on here more. Have a good week :)
    No, I'm not offended by your reply but I do have another question (since you're being so open) :0). What do women do about their periods? Is it easiest to just take the pill straight through or is there another medication that will stop them? I don't see anything on this forum about stopping our cycles and I know that is going to become difficult to handle. Thanks!
    Thanks for the welcome! I was taking the Neu every other day but just moved it to one-a-day and I'm seeing how it goes. You said you take yours at night. Did you find it kept you awake? It seems to give me an extra caffeine-like buzz sometimes (not always pleasant).
    LOVED the video of your soooo cute son playing the piano! I know you have got to be one proud Mama!
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