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  • Which clinic in Texas do you go to. I have my first clinic appointment at Texas Neurology in Dallas. I am seeing Dr. Heitzman. We live in the Lubbock area.

    I was just reading your latest blog entry (I check it all the time and love it!), and your new chair is awesome! The photo of you in the big recline...fab! I fully approve of the bling, btw, and agree that black was the perfect choice. Keep posting :)
    Hi Sarah,
    How are you doing? My dad is hoping to come home for a brief visit Labor day weekend. My brother is bringing him home. My brother has a class reunion he's coming home for. My dad is getting weaker. He just got his bi-pap or some type of breathing mask to use at night to help him sleep better. His breathing isn't too bad yet. He said he's been extremely fatigued lately. He's wandering if it's his Ritulek causing it. I heard of a drug called Mestiton that is supposed to help with fatigue. He's going to ask his doctor about it. Take care and drop me a line when you have time. Kim
    Sarah, I read your blog, from start to finish. You are an amazing writer. I grieved with you..I laughed with you..I admired your spunk and spirit. I felt I knew you and wished that I had. I grew up in Beaumont, TX though I now live in TN. Most of my relatives live near Lufkin, San Augustine, Hemphill, Nacogdoches...the best parts of Texas. Thank you for sharing your story. I just wish that you had a different one to tell. Blessings to you. Sherry {sunewun}

    You are so right!!! He managed to reel Wright in, wore the man out to the point of incredulity...I only looked because I kept seeing his name at the bottom and my nosiness wanted to know who would be wrapped in his nonsense. Aaaarrrggghhh! There have been a couple lately that have sorely tried people's patience.

    Hello, I am so glad I was able to this site, I have read some threads that are very helpful. I would love to join you all for Tea, just as soon as I learn how to post on this site. Thanks for everything. Have a great evening.
    Healthy 1 is driving Wright nuts... Can't get anything from forum folks, but is messaging now.... Yikes. Thought that might make you laugh!

    Geez Sarah - you must be the queen of garage sales! Great money eh? You know - I also checked out the forum for weeks (scared shi---ss) pre- diagnoses too. I suspected I had it... but wasn't gonna ask total strangers if I did. So weird. But you're right - it is kinda funny in retrospect. You should be our new moderator - you'd be great at it. BTW - just got an email from Medical Council of New Zealand - they never had anyone registered by the name(s) Hannah Yoseph/Joseph etc. Still waiting on an email from Dr. Moodie (who is legit).
    Hey Sarah - Congrats on the extra cash. Woohoo! Just noticed a new post by Rocks. I suspect that Rocks, Michael1594 and Healthy1 are the same person - based on writing styles. Do you think that's possible? Like - is this a hobby? You've been around here longer than me - what do you think??
    Hey Sarah - Good to hear from you. It is a small (4"X 4") encaustic painting I did recently as a gift to my pastor. It's called roots and displays God taking roots in a soul (mine?) Anyway, I tried to portray lush plants on bottom left - and stony arid sand on the right - furthest away from the cross. I need to paint other ones as thank you gifts for my ALS walk team - which rang up just shy of $10K at recent event - ours raised the most of 41 teams - so I was elated. Gotta do it whilst left hand still working cuz I need both!! Ha. Hope you are doing OK. If/when you have time or inclination - I am curious about your "handle" glupavomomiche meaning, genesis etc. Have a great day - Am off for colour & cut. (I used to have below chin length hair - but cut it off to short pixie style cuz it's easier! Have a great day with your cherubic Jacques!
    Hi Sarah,Thank you so much for your reply and pointing out my posting error,I do feel quite the idiot lol!! I guess I'll get the hang of it eventually!

    Best Wishes
    I want to purchase one of your works of art - how domi do it?! I would like first the red one, or if not the turquoise. Let me know!
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