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  • Hello, I am in Bartlesville Okalhoma. Is your son going to a ALS clinic anywhere? So sorry you are going thru this, you will find help and answers here on this site. Don't be afraid to ask?
    Glenda, I started a new thread for you, I hope you don't mind. Can you son get out of bed at all? I mean, can he be transferred to a recliner or PWC? The new thread is in the Caregivers Forum.
    I am so sorry about your son. Go to the Search heading in the blue tool bar. Type in Bed. You will find a wealth of options there! We used an alternating pressure low air flow mattress on a fully adjustable bed frame. This bed changed the pressure on my husband every two minutes. It was comfortable and prevented bed sores. We had an Invacare lift that I used to transfer my husband to a reclining chair every day. This position change helped with discomfort, too.

    Be sure to post questions to threads that deal with the question or, start a new thread (top left of the different forum pages). It takes awhile to navigate the site, but you will find so much information here.

    Best wishes to you.
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