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    Hubby starting to have falls

    Getting a Lifeline is much better than a cell as you can wear it in the shower, don't have to hold it or try and get it out of a pocket. We paid an up front fee to get it started and then monthly payments for the use of it. We accidently set it off once when I was helping put a shirt over my...
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    Is this the end?

    Dear Sandy I am sorry for the loss of your father. The first month was very difficult for me after my husband passed, I couldn't focus on anything I would wander trying to get things done and couldn't do them. After going full speed looking after my husband and suddenly to a full stop was very...
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    My husand is FREE..................

    Christy My thoughts are with you at this time. Please take care. Cheryl
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    husband in "final stages"

    Hello Leigh Ann and Shane First I want to say to you Leigh Ann I understand how you feel as my husband took out his anger and frustration with what was happening to him on me and although as I have been told I have big shoulders it took it's toll on me physically and mentally and I am sorry you...
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    My sweet husband Tim lost his battle

    Dear Windy please find someone to talk to at this time. It seems that we do all we can to prepare our PALs and not ourselves. It will be 7 months since I lost my husband and I still break down when someone brings it up but it is getting easier and the flatness that was there for so long is...
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    Hubby very sick

    Christy please hang in there, you have been fighting the fight don't give up now or after. It is not easy but it does get easier. You have been doing such an awsome job of caring and loveing your husband don't fall into the pit. Moraphine does the same to me I hate it and refuse to have it but...
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    Dad wants to go

    Thank you that was perfectly clear for me anyway. And not many know that happens with ALS. If an Ambulance was called and the PAL is short of breath that is what they would administer and the same with Emerg staff and nurses on the ward, it is standard treatment. Cheryl This is why you have...
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    Dad wants to go

    Debbie Sharona is right oxygen is not good for someone with ALS it should be a bi-pap and I hope someone here can respond with the medical reason why. Does the hospice staff have experience with ALS patients? It is not the same as someone with cancer, or something else. There are different...
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    Advice to help with sleepless nights

    Unfortunatly our PALs as they loose strength can't lift or shift themselves around anymore and with the loss of weight and muscel tissue can feel every pea under, in, all over the matress.
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    There are protein drinks that she can have, Boost, Ensure, Milkshakes usings these drinks with icecream. Slow and small amounts with the chin tucked down when swallowing helps some. For her ankles if she can elevate them above her heart for awhile it helps along with massages. As for the peg...
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    Dad passed away today

    Debbie sorry for you loss. Take care of yourself Cheryl
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    Advice to help with sleepless nights

    The ROHO is a great idea. They come as a matttress or as a cushion to sit on and make a huge difference but are very costly if not avalible through the society. I am afraid that the sleepless nights are apart of it for the CAL. It is amazing that you are working 8-5 plus all else. You have to be...
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    What did everyone do for a living?

    My husband worked on the oil rigs in the boiler room and then in the gem buisness as a wholesaler so traveled to many places around the world. He also went through the 60's and 70's and experimented with allot of things. When we moved to this small town we bought a place with allot of fruit...
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    moving home,be back soon

    Daisy is adorable and will bring you many smiles with her antics I am sure. It is hard to leave a place you love and I hope your new place is filled with more. Take care
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    Hubby very sick

    Ah Christy I am so sorry you both have to go through this no one should. I was terrified when my sister-in-law left what was to be my husbands last day, I knew things had progressed quickly and we both were worried about him. The stress that comes with this caring is beyond beleif. You have told...