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  • Hey Andy , merry Christmas ! This yr has brought more losses than most . I can't walk or transfer anymore, my lungs r at 13% , my arms r much weaker with little shoulder movement, lastly my speech is absolutely crap. But such is life . I'm entering the 6 th yr since it started and shouldn't whine :) I hope you have a lovely Xmas with family , especially your 2 little ones .
    Hey Andy , I'm a little worse for wear some days but shouldn't complain . It's spring here so everything looks beautiful outside. I know you're a man of few words , so I'll just say I hope you're going ok
    I have had both shots last year so only need the flu shot i think. Does winter bring problems with this condition? My eldest girl starts playschool next week. I'm glad you're doing ok.
    No I don't use FB Andy. I'm doing ok, not looking forward to winter!! That reminds me - make sure to get the flu shot end Sept/early Oct and the Pneumonia vaccine (if you've not had it)
    Hope you're doing well too. Any school starters for you this year? My 2 are well into secondary school now, went back during the week - house so quiet without them :(
    Hiya mate,

    All is well here. No I didn't go to the ball. Can't walk, talk or eat dinner, dislike Ronan Collins & couldn't spare 150 quid + babysitter :)
    Did u go? Hope ur progression still slow.

    Hey Andy, I'm ok. Some little changes but nothing drastic. Been busy planning a first birthday party for my nieces son :)
    How r u? R u still progressing on the slow side? Hope so.
    Hi Andy,

    Haven't seen your mug on the buses! But is that u in the Connect Magazine??

    Hey Andy ,
    I'm hanging in there. No don't apologise I was just checking in and making sure you're ok. Wow , that's fantastic that you're doing that for the awareness campaign :) keep going strong!
    Hi Andy,

    Yeah, I’m doing well thanks. I’ve just cancelled my Clinic appointment for 26/05 – just can’t face the long wait! I get very sore in my travel wheelchair, sitting there for hours! I’ve asked for a visit from an IMNDA Nurse instead, cheeky aren’t I.

    How are YOU coping? You know the early days are the worst Andy. Your head spins and you’re full of fear, dread & sadness for the future, for you, your wife & kids. But life goes on doesn’t it? you wake up every morning and you’re still Andy – a man, husband, dad, mate.
    Are u still fairly mobile & independent?

    Take care,
    Hi Kylie

    Hi, how are you doing? I'm sorry for not replying sooner. I've been doing a lot for the media lately, June is the national awareness month for motor neurone disease and I've been asked to front the campaign and tell my story.
    I hope you are doing OK.
    Happy birthday to your little girl:) it was a good weekend, my aunt and uncle came too. As soon as everyone left dad decided it would be a great idea to play with a nail gun without glasses, shot himself sideways through his foot and bone . Had that surgically removed, then thought another great idea would be to use a old plastic garden chair in the shower. He's 110 kg or 240 lbs that didn't end well. He's fine so we've all had a good laugh:) I'm glad you had a good weekend. Are your renovations all complete ? Anyways enough from me
    Kylie x
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