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    my friend has passed

    Peggy what can i say?I know that John was much more than a friend to you and your sweet familly.You trully added so much richness and Joy to his final Days on this earth.When other people shyed away you did not let the disease scare you away!Friends on this forum Peggy is being modest when she...
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    AngelManFL Update

    Thankyou Cindy,I also wish you well in your continuing struggle.You do so much to help and comfort all these lovely people on the forum as you did with me!...God Bless Gina
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    AngelManFL Update

    Don, my angelman i am so happy to hear that you are finally getting some answers.I dont come on the forum often but i like to check and see what is happening with certain people and you are one of them!I just came home from a wedding and i have to tell you it was so hard to not have my husband...
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    AngelManFL Update

    MTpockets....dont look now but you do have that gift!Your words also brought me to tears and lifted me up as a woman.Man,women, left brain,right brain mars or venus we are all connected through our energy,love and compassion and our struggles as human beings on this earth!I am learning that even...
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    AngelManFL Update

    Don,without a doubt you are my hero!You have endured so much and yet you still find the time to show sincere compassion to others.Your spirit and willingness to fight in the face of such incredibles hurdles inspires me.I have to say that you have taught me so much about love and kindness. I...
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    AngelManFL Update

    Oh Don, i am so very glad to hear that you are posting again.My heart is just breaking for you.Please dont give up hope i just wish thier were some words of wisdom i had to offer you but i feel so totally inadequate.All I can do is tell you how much we all love you and are praying for a light...
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    ALS Stays Same - Life Keeps Getting Worse

    Hey Delb, i havent been on for a while just wanted you to know that i have been thinking and praying for you to find some help and peace in a very difficult situation.I am so very glad that things seem to be picking up for you......all the best in the future you deserve it!Take care and keep...
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    My sister is in a better place now.

    Pam i am so very sorry for your loss.I am sure that your sister appreciated the fact that you were thier for her passing.I know how excruciating the pain can be as i lost my husband from this horrible disease Jan.16...although i miss him terribly i am so gratefull that he is no longer...
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    The end and beginning of a journey

    Marcia so sorry for the loss of your beautifull sister.I will look at the sky and think about her tonight and my dear husband who also passed from this horrible disease.May a cure be found soon as you say so not a single person has to suffer from this disease.God Bless you and your sister is now...
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    Alcohol and tobacco, makes ALS worse?

    First of all i have to say bluntly that i think that is rubish.....My father was an alcoholic and smoked since the age of 12......I certainlly am not promoting this behaviour however he lived untill the age of 80.My husband quit smoking 20 yrs. ago and quit drinking alcohol shorltly after he was...
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    What did everyone do for a living?

    Hi ! My husband worked in a steel factory for 38 yrs....his job was entitled ...computerized plasma burning machine operater , in other words he cut steel and other metals underwater on a huge machine.He used to tell me about all the fumes that came off this machine !He was also raised on a farm...
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    Mom is dying

    I would also like to add my prayers for you and your familly and your dear mom for a quick and peacefull passing.God this disease is so hard and horrible for all involved.I lost my husband a month ago and I am so thankfull that he no longer suffers he is now at peace and free on the other side...
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    AngelManFL / Don

    Hey Don just wanted to tell you that i am still praying for you and hoping that the disc problem is the root of it all!I just dont understand how or why they would want to take you off pain medications without first finding the cause of the pain.Are they going to put you on some other drugs that...
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    mother in law wants to die

    Texgrl,I am so sorry that you are experiencing such difficulty and agony in watching your MIL suffer with this horrible disease.My only thought is that i think we all should have the right to refuse anything that may prolong unnecessary suffering however it sounds to me like she could be kept...
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    AngelManFL / Don

    Hey Don just wanted you to know that i am still thinking about you and praying for your return to good health....gotta luv a man who cares so much for his mother !Dont ever give up hope!Take care of you and we are all here for you !Your courage and compassion and strength are an inspiriation...