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  • Hi my name is Jan. My husband Jack was dignosed with ALS in October of 2012. Ever since than he has went down hill. The disease progressed very quickly. He cannot move either of his arms. He cannot walk, speak very well, bath, feed himself or clothe himself. I am 5 feet tall 123 pounds and he wieghs 240 currently and is 6 feet 2". I am his round the clock care giver. I no longer can pick him up....when is enough his enough? He refuses a feeding tube. Refuses anything that will help him. I am so over whelmed. Do you have any suggestions?

    Lost please help! Jan
    Just wanted to wish you a (belated) Merry Christmas. I hope this year is a good one for your family :)
    Thanks for checking in, good to hear from you. I still have no dx but I go back to Dr. Ascadi on Feb 19th for a clinical and emg. I have not seen her since her since last feb/09. So, we will see how the appt goes. I have not improved, and I am a little worse, so we will see. Take care of you!!!
    You know what, I was JUST thinking about you! I'm happy to hear from you. I Hope to see you around more now.

    Hugs & Hope to you:)
    Have not seen you on line in a while..hope you are staying strong! Thinking of you!
    How are you and your family doing??? I hope you guys have been able to enjoy the summer.
    Your video is BEAUTIFUL!! It looks so nice, I wish I would of been there. Well, next year! Thnx for you thoughts. I am still seeing Dr. Ascadi, I will do one more emg with her and see where to go or what other avenues. Take care and have a great christmas. We are already having alot of fun with the kids.
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