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  • Also, we went for an immediate EMG after moms second appt. We were sent directly to EMG, that's how obviously wrong things were with her.
    No. She slurred her words for a few months. The symptons you are describing are not what I see as ALS. I would think a pinched nerve. ALS does not tingle.
    Thanks Gil! I haven't had my EMG yet. It's in a month...and I'm not looking forward to the wait. Did she see her doctor immediately after onset of symptoms?
    Hi Gil,

    I did accidentally post in the wrong one...woops. But after two normal exams do you believe I'm clear? I've been experiencing these symptoms for a few months now. Cramps are intetmittent..balance is a little off..always have like a..buzzy feeling in my legs..especially my right leg. Like an analog tv with snow. Any advice is appreciated.
    I am sorry to hear about your mom having pneumonia and the issues you are having with her care. You and your mom are in my prayers. Kim
    Gil, just wondering, what part of WV are you in, I'm from the Milton area and will be moving back this fall
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