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  • Hello Georgianna,
    I thought of you today and looked around till I found your page again. How are things going for your family?
    Georgianna... Thank you for your sweet comments. Your family is very special. It's hard to take to see bad things happen to good people. God bless!
    Your son in law is so young, and with such a young family. It's truly very sad and I admire the courage you and your daughter are facing it with. I was heartened to read that your family has a church that supports them. We are very involved with our church, and although it is getting more complex for us to do that I value it immensley.
    Praying that rest and peace find each of you,
    Good morning Georgianna, I see you are fairly new here so welcome! I hope that the person you are caring for is doing well; hope you are too! Keep in touch, there are many good friendships to be found here.
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