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  • You better stay around buddy. Caroline and I will be giving you the business if you try to leave. You need to see how many more messes you can get into..
    hi geo.
    good to see you on the forum,i take it the computer problem is fixed?
    when are we going to get some good reading from you? its been so long since we have had one of your informative threads.
    hows the wife and kitty?
    you take good care dear friend. caroline
    hi geo.
    i was just about to send al a pm.
    good to see you have managed to log on.
    did you get my email this morning?
    any more problems email me and i will let al know.
    take care.caroline
    Hi geo!

    I have a few questions for you as you seem to have been around the block a few times.

    1~did you/do you have clean emgs
    2~do you get any twitches
    3~did/do you have any muscle loss? I have muscle loss around ankle and knee and thigh but my emgs are clean on that leg. On that leg, I can still do tip toes and heels and walk around fine. it does feel stiff and aching or sore from the thinning muscle.
    4~do you have brisk reflexes? I do.

    Sorry to pry, I just know there is "something" going on. Pls would be better than als. But I think that I have lmn signs. I just had a biopsy.


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