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  • Thanks, Jim. You know I love ya and respect ya.
    The REASON I go to church is to find out what they're telling my daughter.
    Today I took her to St Margaret Mary's and showed her the Catholic ritual.

    She's a believer, and prays to God "Please tell mom that..."
    But she also asks me questions: "Is this literal, or parable? Why did God talk about "other gods" if he's the only one? Etc...

    It's kind of fun and interesting, re-reading the Bible now at 56 years old.

    See It's really cool.
    I think you PM me but I got a notice that my message box was full so I emptied it and now I dont have your PM could you send it again? thanks
    Hey Jim, been thinking about you. Want you to have a wonderful Christmas my friend. You are a true inspiration to me. Like a breath of fresh air:)
    Hi Jim! Thank you for the compliment... have you checked out my blog? ... it's still evolving, but Scott Lew gave me a thumbs up so I'm pretty stoked about that! There's a whole post on how I got my name. Long story short for now, glupavo = silly and momiche = girl, in Bulgarian! Thanks for writing to me! ~ Sarah
    You get me chokes up Jim. Thank you for your sweetness. We are all blessed to have you in our lives. You're right 60 ain't bad! ;) My fam are all headed to their respective homes. We will converge again next month in TX so it doesn't hurt to separate. My sweet husband is doing clean up duty at the moment. I am blessed.
    Love and blessing to you and yours,
    Hi Jim, it appeared to me that many, many people on this forum believe and trust in God. I was raised Mennonite but it never felt right to me. I think if people can believe in God, they are lucky. Some people can believe and some can't. I think you are one of the lucky ones (perhaps not lucky in other ways but lucky in this). My sister isn't a believer either so I worry that this process is going to be even more difficult. And yes, it was the 'toothache' quote. Thank you so much for writing me. God bless! (I mean it).
    Jim, I love that quote. Would you be offended if I used it as part of my signature? I haven't found anything else that speaks so well to this reality. Jim, would you let me share it with others that don't know you?

    You've obviously thought long and hard about life. Are you a born-again Christian? Or do you have other beliefs?
    Jim, I am also sorry that we have met this way. I am so sorry you lost your partner. I think I am about to lose my beloved, younger sister. How are you doing? I would so much rather talk about you than me. I am a psychiatrist so I'm so comfortable in taking care of people and their troubles. But, this time, I need to talk to someone who can help me. It's hard for me....
    Hi Jim, I'n not religious but I am tolerant of anyone's belief system. I've seen you on this forum many, many times. It's hard not being able to believe in the afterlife when you're loved one has ALS. I'm not looking for conversion but I am looking to see how you wrap your mind around this horrible illness.
    I have a steady boyfriend who is extremely supportive. Surely this is going to be tough for us, but he is willing to move with me and we have a good attitude about everything so far.. well actually he is stronger than me about it! lol!
    Hi Jim!
    my nickname is Lainie ( real name Elaine) and i'm from the province of Leinster in Ireland. Not very imaginitive I'm afraid! Thank you for your kind words. I know that its hard to watch a friend be taken by "the beast". My dad had one close friend in particular who took it hard. Its nice to think that dad inspired loyalty like that though and i'm sure its the same for your friend. 35 yrs is a lot to invest in a friendship. I'm sure you have a lot of stories to tell! I know the pain must still be quite raw and sometimes its even harder for the friends as they don't get the level of sympathy from others that they should.
    Anyway we'll remember our loved ones fondly on here and try to be of help to those who are still going through it. I reckon we've gained a lot of wisdom after what we've been through, the least we can do is share it with others.

    Thanks again for taking the time to message me :)

    Go n-éirí an bóthar leat! i.e. May the road rise up to meet you
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