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  • Hi Bev,
    You would be most welcome to visit, grape picking, I remember it well as we helped at a local winery for a few years with their vintage. My number is (edited for privacy purposes) I struggle with the thoughts of being here all on my own and becoming very lonely, I know I will be able to fill my time with my crafting and doing things around the house but it won't fill the special place that my wonderful boy holds in my heart. Sending you a huge hug and I will give you a call.xxxxxGem
    How are you going? I am feeling very empty and am coming crashing down from such a busy time and our three years of caring. My mind goes to you often. I seem to have lost your number that you sent via a message. Could you send it again. I would love to visit soon. Only if you would be ok with that. I am now free to travel and you are only a few hours away. Mynumber is (edited for privacy issues) in case you wish to call or maybe even text. I am grape picking tomorrow ( mon 20th March) but any other time please do. Much love, Bev
    Would love to meet you, when are you heading to Perth in June, we just came back home last night after picking up a electric wheelchair and a electric lift chair...now to get them off the trailer....
    Brad has his next appointment in Perth on the 2 nd of June.
    Love Gem
    Gem, hi! Yes greg and Marg. The most beautiful people...I am so glad my friends got to meet each other! Unfortunately Wayne and I can't make greg's funeral but we are heading to Perth in June so we are catching up with Marg then. We are hoping to take the kids down south next year. Bridgetown is on my list...I can't wait to give you a hug! God bless, Janelle x
    Sorry I did reply to your Easter message...somewhere! I am VERY new to posting etc! A Blessed Easter to you and your beloved. J x
    Hi Gem, would love to contact you other than the forum as we are practically neighbours! I am unsure how to PM though?? God Bless, J x
    Hey Gem,
    Happy you accepted my friend request. Yes, on the journey, past, present and future - tough on our PALS and on us too. Ron and I met 15 years ago and have been married 11. He can no longer walk and is waiting on his own wheelchair. Right now he has a loaner from a friend but it's not comfortable. When he's not in it, at the computer, he's in his popup lazyboy chair watching TV. Limb onset started with a little pain in his left calf in June. Now he has trouble talking too much, he gasps and chokes. So fast...I can hardly believe it. I feel like it's a nightmare I am (we are) going to wake up out of...and then I think, maybe he's just fooling with me and any second now he's going to jump up, run circles around me, hug me and tell me it was all a bad joke...ok, now I'm crying... Anyway - happy to meet you, Gem xoxo
    hello gem how are you,about 4years ago I lost my balance and did not think much about it at the time till I got the shakes so after a while I went to the hospital eventually I was diagnosed with ms it was not for two years later they told me it was pls there very close so I am told , at the moment I am able to walk with a walker or crutches although not far I have a good team that look after me although I wish they would not be so gloomy about whats coming later on but I guess lets be realistic its not good ........................tony
    spot on Gem :)
    Don't worry, I'm sure I did the same at least a couple of times when I first joined up x Tillie
    Hi Gem, I missed your message here because you posted it on your wall not mine, just happened to drop in and see it!
    I think we covered lots of it by email, I should email you again :)
    Tillie xx
    Hi Tillie, I am fine, thank you for caring.
    We have had a very busy weekend with a few people coming over to help with a general clean up on our property, we have 12 acres of hilly but very pretty land, Brad my hubby has been very busy for the last 4 years with full time work, being on the local council as a councilor , and running our local church as our minister left and it's had to find a minister who only wants to work part time in a small country town, as a result our property hasn't received the care it has needed. How things change.....Brad has his appointment with his MND neurologist on Monday and the rest of the support team which will be a 3 hour appointment so that will be interesting. How are you coping 6 months on? There are so many questions in my head. Are you getting enough support from your family and friends?
    I havnt read your story yet but plan too very soon . Did you meet with many people with MND as part of your journey with Chris.
    Love Gem
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