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    Dealing with ssi

    Hi, Joni, I haven't been on here in a long time, but I live in Lanett. AL and was so surprised to see you were from Valley! My husband died from ALS in 2007 and now my brother-in-law, not blood related, is suspected of having it. Hard to believe. Anyway if you want to share or talk, let me know...
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    Runny nose

    My husband had bulbar symtoms and never had a runny nose with it. Maybe she is starting with allergies now. Anyway, he never had anything like that.
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    husband passed away

    Hi, Elo, So sorry to hear of your loss. How old was your husband? Mine passed away on Aug 19th after only 11 months of being diagnosed. It is lonely. He went down so fast and even though you know that is what is going to happen, you are still not ready for it. My prayers are with you as you...
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    Husband's passing

    Just wanted to let you know that my husband, Ralph, who had bulbar ALS and was diagnosed Sept 14, 2006 passed away on Aug 19th. He is enjoying his heavenly homecoming but we will miss him here. I have not posted that much but come and read other people's posts and they have always been so...
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    Dick's passing

    hi So sorry to hear about your husband. God's grace and peace is what keeps me going each day. I will be praying for you. You have tough days ahead, but remember you have the forum to come to and encourage you. We are all in this together and share each others pain. Susan- gapeach
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    Speaking Devices Etc.

    Hi, Rhonda, My husband has bulbar als and is now using a litewriter and a laptop with etriloquist on it. We just got back from the beach and he used a dry erase board for the beach last week. Good luck and have a great time! gapeach- Susan
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    More activity, or less ?

    hi The told my husband at Emory in Atlanta that it was ok to walk and swim but not try to work out at the gym to build muscles because it tears muscles down first and with a muscle disease you might not be able to build back up. Also to do the walking and swimming within reason - don't overtire...
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    New treatment for ALS

    Has anyone heard of some new kind of treatment that is being used on paralyzed and ALS patients to get the muscles back working. Something they implant under the skin on the chest? A man I work with was telling me he heard something about it on TV this weekend. He couldn't remember alot about...
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    To tube, or not to tube (feeding tube pros and cons)

    Hi, Speechie 1 My husband immediately after being diagnosed was instructed to get a feeding tube which he did 1 1/2 weeks later. He can still eat some and is using his tube for water and ensure right now. We felt like it was something that would still give him quality of life and it was quite...
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    Is Strength Training a good idea?

    hi, earth mama We went to Emory and they told us not to try and build muscle because this is a disease that affects the muscles and building muscles involves tearing them down first before they are built up. They told us my husband could walk and swim to stretch the muscles but that was all...
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    Question: Bulbar?

    pam, I wondered about the lung issue, too. My husband has bulbar als and seems to be progressing very fast. He does not want to go on a vent and I wondered what percentage it is at when it can no longer sustain life. gapeach- Susan
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    what is a feeding tube?

    My husband has just gotten one a couple of weeks ago. His motor skills are still fine as he has bulbar mostly. He can use his by himself. It is just a matter of holding the tube up and inserting a syringe and gravity does the rest. It is not difficult to do. Best of luck to you! gapeach
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    Sure! I can laugh now!

    My husband recently got a feeding tube and we tried putting water in it to see how it worked and the water got all over us. The syringe we were given I thought iwas broken and leaked at the seam going into the little point you put in the feeding tube, so we tried a second syringe and the same...
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    What Keeps you going?

    Hey, Nala, What keeps me and my husband going is God. He is using this horrible disease to reach people as they see what God can do through His grace in our lives. We get up and praise HIm for a new day and a new beginning to serve Him and wonder how we can touch some live today. I know not...
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    Someone Please Reply To Me

    jan, My husband was diagnosed at Emory on the 14th of this month. To me it was better to know for sure than to be in such limbo. I really liked Emory and all of the ALS clinic support group. They were so nice to us and helpful about breathing and how to eat better without choking so much while...