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  • Hi All,
    I was wondering if any young people with ALS would be willing to talk to my son. As I have said previously, he is only 23 and had his confirmed diagnosis in January of this year.
    A few weeks ago he fell and broke his foot in 4 places. He is in a boot but its nonweightbearing we found out yesterday for another 3 weeks. As you all know its difficult to get around normally for ALS patients but now with this injury its impossible.

    He has become quite depressed (but won't admit it) and angry. He stays in his chair everyday. He has only left the house for his 2 appointments. He won't even go out on the deck with us anymore.

    Any advice would be so helpful. I'm struggling with how to help him along with keeping peace with the rest of the family. Also, I am supposed to start back to work next Thursday (I work at a school) but not sure if I can leave him alone all day. His body is quite affected with the ALS so making his own food and getting his own drink is nearly impossible.
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