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  • Hello, I still have fasciculations. The neuro I saw seems to say that it's not caused by sla. My father is a sporadic case but he did not do the genetic tests. As for me, I still have the fear of developing disease ... Nothing reassures me for the moment.thank you! I wish you good results and good luck!
    Hello, how are you? I am in a situation close to yours. Since the diagnosis of my father I also have fasciculation on the whole body. for 1 year now.
    How have you been? Any news?
    Hi Gabor, not yet, but that will be something which I will ask for to prescribe. My Nerve compression got worst and now I have pain in the back (twitches comes and goes still there but good point)
    Hi there,

    Have you tried Lyrica for your twitches? I finally got my neuro to prescribe it, and the twitches are down by about 80%

    Thanks for getting back to me. I am impressed that how similarities can be in our lives. :) look at the patterns....hope we will get over them one day
    Hey friend.

    I am in the same boat. Already turned 30..software engineer and 2 months ago I started to have non stop calves fasciculations. Occasionally in tights and very rare all over . Did an EMG study and everything showed no evidence of MND. MRI indicated a buldged L5/S1 disc and mild herniation on L4. But I am still terrified and my axiety drives me nuts.. my dad died in 2003 after 3 years after diagnosed. I feel you.
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