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    Dance, Darcey, Dance!

    Jim, thank you for sharing Darcy's tribute. It's clear that she was cherished by many, especially you. I'm so sorry for your loss. May all of your wonderful memories of her bring you peace.
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    Good morning to all you Wednesday updaters. First, I have to say to Jesse that Mac is adorable. I've never had a cat, but looking at him just warms my heart. And, Rocky is so handsome. It looks like Rocky thinks he is in charge, but I expect Mac will turn out to be the "top dog". It's been a...
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    Webcast on AMX0035

    The ALS Association Evergreen Chapter had a webcast yesterday, Review and Update of AMX0035 in the Treatment of ALS, presented by Dr. Michael Elliott. I attended and thought the information was very well presented and informative. Here is a link to a recording of the webcast: .
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    Advice on caregivers schedule for PALS living alone

    Thanks, everyone, for some great information. I especially like Laurie's advice to find someone that can be quiet instead of filling all of the space with talking!
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    It definitely has turned fall–ish here, most of the trees have lost leaves and it has turned very windy, rainy, and chilly today. My brother and sister in law left a few days ago, after visiting for almost 10 days. While they did get quite a few little projects done for me around the house, 10...
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    Magnetic charging/data transfer cables

    Ha, binder clip, I didn't think of that! These are pretty slick, though, and quite inexpensive. Should work for me for a while…
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    Magnetic charging/data transfer cables

    It's now almost impossible for me to insert a charging cord into the charging port of my iPad. I recently found these magnetic cables on Amazon, where you put a little charging tip into the charging port, which you just leave in the device. Then, you use the magnetic charging cord to connect to...
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    Thoughts on how my PALS Is feeling?

    I remember reading somewhere that if a PALS can no longer blink voluntarily, they may still be able to move their eyes up/down or right/left to indicate yes/no. While I expect that could become tiring quite quickly, it could help with some basic communication when needed.
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    Advice on caregivers schedule for PALS living alone

    Thanks, Jessie, that's very helpful. I agree with you about enjoying my alone time - the idea of having someone else around many hours a week it's not very enticing to me. I plan to enjoy my morning coffee alone as long as I am able!
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    Advice on caregivers schedule for PALS living alone

    I am a widowed PALS living alone. I was diagnosed in August 2019, currently both hands are not very functional, both arms are very weak, and back is very weak. It is getting more difficult to handle a lot of personal care on my own, including showering, getting dressed, and eating. I think I've...
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    Great app for hands free control of smartphone/tablet

    Thanks,@Jimi, for participating in the beta development and for providing this information to all of us!
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    Fall Colors

    Thanks for posting, Steve, beautiful pictures! It looks like the smoke there wasn't too bad when you were on your ride.
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    I took my first "hike" in my PWC today. A friend and I drove out to a trail outside of town - it's a paved trail about a mile up to a beautiful waterfall. Made it up no problem, however I did get a little stuck as I tried to get up the last little grade to the bridge looking up at the falls. I...
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    Van - Side entry or rear entry

    I just purchased a used Toyota Sienna with a side entry ramp - the angle of incline is very small, So it's very easy to get in and out. I think the advantage of a side entry is that you can park your wheelchair in the middle row, right behind the driver and front passenger, or the front...
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    PWC versus lift chair

    I just acquired an Ultra Comfort lift chair. I'm really struggling with it in 2 ways: First, it's just dang ugly, and does not fit in with the look of my home - silly, I know, but my home makes me happy. Being in my living area with friends or just by myself reading or watching TV is one of...