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  • Hello sorry about you being dignosed with als...I haven't been dignosed but fearful that I will. I'm 44 and happily married with two kids. My husband is supportive but I fear loss of my indepence. It's getting harder to walk and the twitches are constant on my left side. How did you get dignosed? What were your symptoms?
    Oh, Rick, HELLO and thank you!! for your response to my introductory posting. Your courage gives me courage. You really made me feel less afraid. xoxo Nancy
    I caught your email address in a post. What caught my eye was the word walleye in your address. My husband is a bass fisherman here in Texas, so that's why I knew that term.

    Where do you go fishing? Our closest lake is 1.5 hours away. We own property at a lake that is a 3 hour drive.

    Feel free to look in my family photo album. There are some of my hubbie with his fish. I am the PALS in the family. First differential diagnosis on 8/5, confirmed on 9/19.
    I have been talking to her constantly she is working with stem cell research and from what I know about that it could be a very long time before they find a way to incorporate stem cells into ALS patients. I would like to see research that could find a way to block what ever it is that kills the neurons. My research focused on plant breeding and genetics I wish I had been in medical research working on this nasty disease.
    Welcome to our community - sorry you had to find us. Yes -seeking out support groups is very often recommended on this site. How cool to meet your dad! Living old depends on one's perspective - i am saddened by the recent influx of very young members lately. Please ask your cousin to hurry up, will ya?
    Greetings to All,
    I found this forum several days ago. I was diagnosed with ALS Sept 5 2013. I am very interested that no one has suggested that newly diagnosed folks should seek out ALS support groups. I have found them to be very useful. This is clearly not where I would like to be but, I have it and I am determined to keep living. I might add that I am 73 and have never had anything more serious than a common cold. I discovered my bio. father about a year ago at age 97 now 98 and have visited him. I figured that I would have a long life--wrong.
    I would really like to be involved with programs that fund raise to fund more research. My cousin just finished a PhD in Mass. working on the cellular level of ALS, so I know that some research is being done but, there is a long way to go.
    Best wishes to all who are affected by this bad boy.
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