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  • FrJn,

    If you could look over my threads that would truly help. It seems that you are very well informed on this. I have many neuros and members on this telling me no way. My hands are both so weak. I twitch everywhere. I have had 5 EMG's. It has been over a year and a half. Any advice?
    Hey Father. I am newly diagnosed too. It was a pleasure to read your uplifting post on St Patrick's day.
    I grew up Anglican and much to my children's joy...we are the same now...I happily converted to catholicism December 2014. I think God planned my conversion as Fr Gerard has been a constant light in this dark time. I have never asked 'why me'. I always ask that He never desert me. When I go to Mass Saturday I will light candles for my new friends on this site, and the friends I am sure to make. God Bless you for your encouraging words and prayers. Please know you are prayed for here too. Janelle x
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