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  • Yes but very strange situation...seems that from the rilutek the things going worst in a short time than in the past...she decrease the amount of steps without pause....
    for the questions: left: calf atrophic, quadriceps not proper atrophic right: not visual atrophy. she can walk very little, i don't know the distance because now she reduce the time that she walks due to the negative feelings comes from the legs . she lives on 3rd floor and now usually she is able to do this without stop or at least 1 stop. she is 62, now she loose weight due to the very hot summer ( i also loose weight), no problems in hands.
    hi! i tried to reach http://revertonlus.org/chi-siamo/angelo-vescovi/
    mission impossible.
    tell me, did her muscles (calf, quadriceps etc) atrophy? i know she uses cain, wheelchair, but how long can she walk? what about stairs? can she, or if she cant, when she stopped? how old is she? i never used rilutek. i'm 50/101kg. did she loose weight? what about hands and grip?
    all the best,
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