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    Does tongue involvement rule out MMN?

    ptich Why do you keep telling people not to ask questions on here? Isn't that why we have this forum? Just because you don't have any answers doesn't mean other people on here don't. There are a lot of experienced and smart people on here, so stop telling people not to ask questions. And...
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    I still think I have ALS

    ScaredofALS I guess you were too busy with your psycho babble (what the heck are you talking about by the way, you made no sense at all) to actually comprehend what Wright was saying. I would suggest hooked-on-phonics for the future. I'll type slowly so you can understand. He didn't once say...
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    New Symptoms, questions

    A sore throat and a cough? YOU HAVE A COLD! Listen to what some pretty smart people on here are telling you. I'm not one of them but even I can see that your symptoms aren't ALS symptoms. Get off of the internet because it doesn't seem you have any business trying to put symptoms together.
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    What are the symptoms of ALS?

    I for one just went to the website of your home page (it's part of your email address as I'm sure you know) and did a "reverse phone number search" that revealed the address and that took about 10 seconds. It probably wouldn't be hard to go further but you are not worth the oxygen it would...
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    What are the symptoms of ALS?

    My blood pressure is just fine, Jason. Thanks for your concern. I've already learned plenty about ALS from Wright and other people on here that don't ***** about their feelings being hurt. It doesn't look like I'll be learning anything from you accept how to check for clonus. Let us know how...
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    What are the symptoms of ALS?

    I guess you didn't read my post from your other thread. I talked to Wright on the phone and when he called me, it was from a medical school at a university. When we talked he answered all of my questions with a lot of knowledge and did it one after the other. He is for real, so don't come on...
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    Is there a way to self-test clonus

    Sorry Jason I'm smart enough to realize that medicine (especially neurology) and all that goes with it isn't something lay people like us can figure out over the internet. I know my neuro gets very aggravated when people come to him thinking they know as much as him just because they can surf...
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    Just A Thought

    There was a neuro on here asking questions about how to be more compassionate to PALS. He got a lot of responses but never replied to any of them.
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    Cure and prevention.

    I hope we don't see you on the forum anymore. You are too young to be so worried about these types of things. Enjoy your youth. It will be over before you know it. :smile:
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    Is there a way to self-test clonus

    Wright explains things better than any neurologist does and takes the time to do it. He doesn't have to be here and is appreciated by an awful lot of people. People specifically ask him for his advice and there have been threads devoted to him that thank him for all he does for us on here. He...
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    I don't think Wright lost his cool at all. He handled himself quite nicely as he always does. I believe it was someone else that lost their cool. I too am thankful Wright is here lending us his compassion and knowledge.
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    The unexpected detour

    I know I have seen Wright say that we don't have muscles in our fingers and that our fingers move via the hand muscles and forearm muscles. Isn't that what Rheumatoid Arthritis looks like and isn't RA autoimmune?
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    Large Dimple in Calf Muscle

    I remember Wright saying that you don't have muscles in your fingers (he said that your fingers are moved by muscles in your hand and forearm), so that is not muscle atrophy. I think we are all looking at our bodies waaaaaaaaaaaaay too closely and finding things that probably don't mean much...
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    Hello everyone its been a long time

    How were you finally diagnosed? Could you share? The reason I ask, is because it seems you had a long journey before you got the diagnosis and it didn't seem typical.
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    newly diagnosed

    I'm a little confused, Brenda. You said you had an EMG on July of '08 that was normal but you were diagnosed with ALS in June of '08. How were you diagnosed with ALS after having a clean EMG the following month?