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  • Hey there;
    Sorry I just read your message. I'm north of you, Denman Island. Do you go to the support grps? If so, we probably know eachother. I just posted on my thread. I'm annoyed everything moves so slow in the medical system, then I go to the respirologist and he doesn' t have all the results-/. I have planned to go to Vancouver for Christmas, fooey.
    Hi Peg. I know fatigue! Mine improved (to wit after midnight now) since I started Wellbutrin. It's an anti depressant, in addition to mood elevation, it energizes.Started in Dec. takes 3-4 weeks to kick in. I was sleeping my life away! I still get tired, but less.Yes, we found a home in Cornwall. A loft in the old cotton mill. Barrier free. Have you considered getting a PEG. Don't wait too long. You don't have to use it - can eat, but if your breathing worsens, they may not want to do it. Are you on bi pap? I am going to Lourdes France on Tuesday. A pilgrimage. Bad timing, cuz we're moving may 14. When I booked it, I thought we'd be moved already. Hubby tells me not to worry, so I won't Ha! And, I just noticed your message re email. You posted it on your own page - so i didn't see it until now. Sure, we can do that. As soon as you post 15 times, you can access private messaging. I'll be back at end if April. We'll figure it out then. Take care if yourself... And rest!
    You are right.It is better to move in the warmer seasons.We had lots of moves with the military. Let's move our conversations to e-mail. Are you ok with that? Let me know. Peg
    Great to hear from you. It is such a small world. We are still trying to sell, so no move yet. I think it's the hand of God... He knew I did not relish moving in the winter. The Uplands area is lovely and the old base has been rased and a new community will be built. I am still mobile, use a cane. Left side affected and left hand is fast becoming a dud! main complaint is fatigue and ugly spasms. Hope you see your kids once in awhile... It's tough. Our guy is in Montreal, so we them quite often. We have shorter visits, otherwise I get super tired. It's working ok-that and emails. No grand kids yet... They're still in school with doctoral work, so it may be awhile. I do love the west coast though. Smart decision for you to stay.

    So you're formerly from Ottawa? Where did you live? We live downtown on Laurier in a condo. Sadly, we have to move cuz it's a 2 storey unit. We'll be relocating to Cornwall where my family resides and my hubby will commute a few times per week. Are your kids still here?
    Hi folks. Living on Vancouver Island in Canada and wondering if anyone else is from the area. I can't be the only one. Your tips have been vary helpful to me. My ALS Society is going to give me a power chair after I finally get meaured for it on Wed. I am so glad to have found these forums and the Society! It is lonely when noone understands what you are going through including yourself!! I have a wonderful husband who is my biggest supporter. My kids in Ontario really don't get it yet but when I visit nest I think they will. Anyhow nice to read the posts and hopefully I'll have something to contribute now and then
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