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  • Hi ShiftKicker, I have no idea what to do on here. Seems to me it was easier in 2013 or when I was last on here.
    Hi Fluvanna-
    Welcome back!
    Just a quick note- You have posted on your own profile page and not on the forum proper. You may not get as much traffic here. Please feel free to post on the main forum.

    Hi everybody, I have PLS, diagnosed in 1995. I'm 80 yrs. old, live in Amarillo, Texas. I was a plumber, master in Texas and Louisiana. I am a veteran, 100% disability from VA, sure makes living easier. My wife takes care of me and it's a full time job. It's been a long time since my last message on here. Hope everybody is doing alright.
    I was told by my new med supplyer that he will recieve my new Pride Jazzy Select by Mon. or Teusday
    I did not know there was an age limit haha. how are you doing? actually I have ALS not sure about PLS. How is everything in going your way?
    hello, i should be getting my new one in about a week. its funny i just listend to jason aldeans amarillo sky. most popular song back when i was looking for homes in houston. how is everything in amarillo
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