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  • Vandy called me back and I now have appt Aug 3. My ALS onset was limb...right ankle around Oct 2010. I thought I was just spraining it alot and thats why is was weak. I did notice NO pain & thought that was strange. Went to doctor and would get referred to another doctor, etc. Even went to a chiropractor. Wasted $$$ on that. Twitching for me started about Oct 2011. Finally got appt with a local neuro & he mentioned ALS after EMG. Said he wasn't sure so got me an appt at Vandy. Dr D was sure after his exam & EMG. Now my whole right leg is weak. Right hand next. And now left ankle. I wear AFO's & they help ALOT. This forum is fantastic. I don't would be frantic without it since ALS is not a common disease. We all help each other! I pray EVERY day to GOD to heal me and to heal all of us! I know it will happen in HIS time!
    Hi Floyd, thanks for the friend invite. I saw Dr. D may 17 and I will see him next Thursday for another emg. I will schedule for Friday clinic then but I have an appt. With Dr. Glass at emory June 12. That's when i'll decide which clinic is best for me.
    I'm very glad i found this forum. I never thought I could feel a connection with a stranger online.
    thanks for the info Cathy.....I am supposed to go in on July 19 to see Dr D......I think my ALS started in Nov 2011 with muscle twitching......it is now May and I have weakness in my right arm and right leg......how are you getting along......cheers.....fp
    I went to Vandy in Dec 2011 & Jan 2012 for my "official" ALS diagnosis. Dr Donofrio told me about the ALS clinic they have and I stupidly didn't sign up for it in Jan. I called Vandy today about coming to the next available clinic date and I was told I had waited to long to sign up for clinic and would need to be seen by Dr Donofrio again so he could refer me to their clinic. I said ok I would like an appt with Dr D....lady on phone said first available appt Dec 26th....good thing I was sitting down. I was stunned. I ended up talking to Dr D's nurse and she said would email Dr. D and see if he would see me sooner. So, I am waiting on a phone call about that.
    Sign up with your local ALS and MDA office as soon as you can. I put off doing that & and wish I had sooner.
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