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  • Thanks for the Stickies :) I won't be on here again until AFTER October 9th. I didn't read the Stickies until after my rant.....sorry. In all honesty, I have been very sick for 11 months and not getting any better. I have a very frustrating story that I have no intentions of posting until AFTER a diagnosis. I wouldn't be on here without a doctor leaning toward this diagnosis. I guess what I'm saying is that some people on here are going to neurologists and are physically challenged just waiting for the diagnosis. Me....I'm praying for anything but!!! Whatever my disease.....insidious is the best description.
    Flip4it, copy and paste these links into your computer browser bar. They compare rankings in neurology. One is for U of MD other is Hopkins.



    You should be able to see why I think Hopkins will be a better avenue to get answers and treatment. It should only be an hour or so drive for you.

    IMO, especially as you do not have answers yet, and have to wait to get to U of MD, I'd strongly advise you to set up appointment to be seen at Hopkins. Even if it falls after your U of MD one. (not saying to cancel it just go to both) good luck, and try not to worry.
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