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  • Absolutely! I love the Wietzel family! Such a shame about Chuck. I was able to speak with Robin a little, I will assume about you guys. Please, feel free to ask me anything. I'm surprised that house behind Wietzel's wasn't condemned after we left. What is the last name of your niece? Koontz, by chance? And Denny, yes. His daughter and I dated back in college. Small world. Like I said if I can help any way, I'm here. With me feel free to ask anything. Take care. Hope to chat soon. -Brad
    You posted: "We moved our bedroom downstairs and had a wheelchair lift installed to go down the 4 steps to the bedroom." Wow! I did exactly the same thing in 2009. Good luck to you and God bless.
    Hi, so sorry you had to join this club! welcome though, my husband also has ALS, only diagnosed this year. It is really tough, but the support here is priceless, I'm so glad I came here. Look forward to getting to know you :)
    Hi, I just wanted to welcome you to the forum, though terribly sorry that your husband has als. There's a bunch of kind and helpful folks here, which I'm sure you'll grow very fond of. Again, a very warm welcome to you.

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