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  • Hello @Firefighter58 ! I have read several of your posts. My mom was recently diagnosed with bulbar als in Dec 2023. I am interested to see if you would share your progression. I saw where you have been living with this for 8/9 years. That gives me hope
    Hi firefighter hope all is well. My mother has been diagnosed with als 2 weeks ago. I give her vitamin b , zinc and ginseng as supplements. Do you recommend I give her anything else to help slow the progression of the desease? thanks so much in advance
    Hi Firefighter58. My Dad was just diagnosed with ALS last week. I've told him about you and not progressing for two years! It's definietly given us some hope in the darkness of this disease.
    I was wondering if you would be so kind as to email be the list of supplements you take? We also live in Canada, in BC so I'm hoping most of what you take we'll be able to find here too.
    (email removed and sent via pm for privacy)
    Thank you very much for your help. God bless you!
    Dear Firefighter58, my mother was diagnosed with ALS just last month. It is such an encouragement out of such a grey world to learn that you have not progression for 1.5 years. And could you be kind to email me the list of the supplement you have been taken? Your kind assistance will be so appreciated! My email address: [email protected]. All the best and may god bless you! Richard
    Hello, Firefighter58. Congratulations that you have no progression for 1.5 years. Could you please advise what measures do you take? Really look forward to your reply! Thanks!
    Dear Al! Thank you very much for answering!! I am glad you did and Wonder if it is possible to see that list of supplementer? I would be very glad if you send it over. All the best from Gunny
    Dear firefighter!
    I saw your post about very slow progression and got curuous about if you take medicine or follow any supplement program. Thank you for answes and all the very best to you
    Hi Al, I posted a message on my thread. My email address is (location and contact info removed and sent via pm)
    Hi Al, just wanted to make sure you received my proper email address. It’s (removed for privacy).

    My father meets with the people at sunnybrook tomorrow and we should have a better idea what’s going on. My sister will be there with him tomorrow.

    Thanks again for offering to chat with my father if he has any questions. As you know this might be a very difficult time for him and to have someone to chat with or to answer questions is invaluable.
    What a nice message firefighter. Think I'm going to be aboard for a while. Its so nice to hear words of encouragement when everything seems grey. X
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