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  • Geesh! I tried twice -(after opening and funding a paypal account) and then when transaction wouldn't go through, the only way to exit the site was to click on cancel - so in fact it was canceling a donation which never went through in the first place. I had my hubby try with same result (and he is good with computers). It's really irritating. I feel stupid- but I think there's something amiss either with the internet connection or my old computer. I did try. I really did. (Oh - we lived many years in Westmount- just off Sherbrooke (great location between Westmount Park and Murray Hill Park). I miss it sometimes. Were you treated at Montreal Neuro... We've been thinking of getting a 2nd opinion there...)
    I tried many times - opened a PayPal account - now it says the credit card I'm using is assigned to another account???. Sorry, it was a small donation - but I've spent a long time trying to do it. Leaving shortly on a trip - so gotta give up for the moment. Please do let me know if you're planning an ALS movie though. Bonne chance avec Le Bluff! A bienot.
    This place used to feel safe, but in the last few months it's changed due to a lady and her tribe of followers. Hopefully it will improve now? Fingers crossed.
    I do filmmaker. But don't want to put my full name up so anyone can read it and you don't have pm available? Can you pm me?
    I have a similar story, and I am overwhelmed that you are getting better. I am almost completely back to normal after a 5 years journey. It's changed everything about my life. A miracle, a blessing.......I just don't know. But it has to be used in a positive way for the rest of my life. I am just so so pleased. Kind of helps me feel like I am not the only one, but keeps me asking the question......why me and what was it? :)
    Since Al and Richard passed away, lots of posts are going to moderation automatically. If you post and it's not there, David will get it approved within a few hours usually,. Certain words trigger the response. Noticed all the posts in your thread and figured u didn't know

    I think I did it! (the sponsoring thing). It never said I'd get a confirmation- only that they will process VISA if goal is met. Let's hope for the best! Good luck in your new life! (I so miss my old one). I'm a former Montrealer -small world.
    Regarding Bipap and noninvasive ventilation
    Check out a website written by an RN who has ALS. It's called ALSfrombothsides.
    She has some good info, what it is, why it's used, etc.
    Hi filmmaker
    Enjoyed viewing your work! I'm a graphic designer. Had to quit working a few weeks ago. Too hard to sit at the computer. Kind of breaks my heart but then so does everything about this disease. I was diagnosed about a month ago. If you want to see my work, friend me on facebook. Jean kent Unatin. Would love to see more of yours.
    Hi, you asked how I know, from an encounter. I wrote about it in "Stories of Hope" section, page 2, #20 permalinks . I hope it helps you find your way back to Him, an dispell any doubts.
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