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  • Hi Fiancee,I just suggest you tread carefully with your situation. How long have you been together? Living in the same home with your kids but not married yet? There will come a time when he won't be able to do things as the disease progresses. Someday he won't be able to drive or move well or go to the movies, unless someone accompanies him. This is a horrible disease and you certainly are in a limbo situation, being the caregiver, but not yet the wife. The guilt can overwelm you. We as caregivers all know that. Being on dating sites even with a terminal disease does not make sense to me. He may not be thinking clearly,but such a mess for you. Talk to your parents and his parents too and see where you fit in in all of this. Prayers to you and your fiancee and your children. Trust your heart and your gut. God will walk you through this situation. You will have to be a very strong woman. Stay in touch here on the forum. There is a wealth of knowledge here. Pam
    You should start a new thread with this. Go to the Current caregivers group, and click on new thread in the top left.

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    This forum, inspired by the member jellycat, is for caregivers of people with ALS, both past and present.

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    My fiancee was diagnosed on April 30 2012 with ALS. It was a torture during the tests and a torture after the diagnosis. I live a constant uncertanty. His behavior has changed, and changes constantely. I want to be understanding, but everywhere I move there is pain. His family wants to have the "docs" ready, and I feel I am in a limbo with lots of responsability, compasion, and dedication to him. My kids from my previous marriage are very concerned about my mental health. He still moves and drives, and he is eating, the problem is his speech and losing weight. Doctor said that his type is slow. Lately, I found him going to the internet in the dating sites. I told him that hurts me and our relationship, and I suggested to delete his profile, and he did it but he cried a lot. I go to work and feed him at lunch, but in the afternoon he goes to the movies almost every day. I wonder if he goes with somebody from the internet! I am getting lost in this situation.
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